Yore VR: First Open World VR Game for the HTC Vive

Hey there!

New to the community and excited to make some new friends :slight_smile: I’m one of the 4 developers that worked on Yore VR (Steam Store Page) and wanted to share some info about our labor of love and answer any questions folks have.

Basic Movement Systems:

  • Teleporting
  • D-pad movement (Onward style)
  • Point and click (joystick similar to Hover Junkers)

We’ve put together a basic tutorial vid if you’re interested:


I’m excited to be a part of this supportive group of folks and thanks in advance for checking us out!



Got so excited, forgot to mention what Yore VR is!

Yore VR is an open world sandbox game built from the ground up in VR for the HTC Vive. Venture out with nothing but the clothes on your back and empty hands to live Yore medieval life the way you want. There’s Blacksmithing, resource gathering and crafting. It’s not about escaping your life, it’s about discovering a simpler one.

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LOL, love the second post. I can understand how you feel. It’s great to see your hard work coming to live and shared among others. I am a PSVR user myself, but I am very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. It really feel that you wanted to revive that medieval era and what a better way to to this than in a VR sandbox game. I have to tell you that the visuals are really impressive, have you guys designed all the 3D models yourself, if so I am really impressed.

I have a neighbour who owns the Vive, I will tell him to give it a try (so I can also try it myself :slight_smile: ). I also visited your website and I can recall ever seen such a detailed roadmap page (I see you use mindomo). It’s great for people who try out the Early Access and support the game, so they know what’s coming next.

Great job guys!

Thanks so much! We’ve gotten some early reviews that have us feeling down, but then comments like yours lift our spirits! It’s uncharted territory right now for VR games, so with a small outfit like ours, we’re doing everything we can to involve the community (Trello as well as mindomo) because the last thing we want to do is develop systems no one wants, or activities folks aren’t interested in.

I hope you have fun with your neighbor and there’s a horseshoe game in there that’s great for two people who are cool with taking turns :slight_smile: Thanks again, really, it means a lot!

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Is it the first open world game for the Vive? I Googled the keywords and indeed I couldn’t come of any :frowning: I assume that this is due to the 1:1 motion in VR which people find it uncomfortable in VR. I also saw your tutorial, and you reduce the field of view to reduce motion sickness, which seems to work very well. That being said, I really think we need more open world games because those game can really benefit from the virtual reality technology. It’s great that you tackle this issue and it seems you nailed it down pretty good.

Many developers just don’t want to bring up the motion sickness issue, and that’s what I love about your approach, not just that you don’t hide the fact that this problem exists, but you do your best to make the whole experience more comfortable for users - I really appreciate that.

Any plans for Oculus support now that the Oculus Touch is out? Thanks.

It sure it! It’s the first for the Vive, there are certainly some for the Rift. When we got the Vive, we looked for a simliar game and didn’t find one so we made the game we wanted to play.

We are working out some kinks and getting things solid first, but then we’re going to switch gears and start developing for the Touch post haste! The only question we have in our minds now is that Oculus hasn’t cracked the room scale experience, and that is one of the coolest parts about Yore, being able to walk around in the world like you would IRL.

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I’ll get it after I finish Gear of Wars 4. Looks great! Love open world games, I agree with @NadiaST that we need more of these games than shooters and spellcasting games. If done right, open world games can be amazing on VR. I remember hoping for No Man’s Sky to have VR, could have been so awesome, but it failed miserably so there is no chance of seeing a VR version of this game in the future.

Can you guys tell me what type of interactions you have in this game, I see it’s a sandbox game… any fighting mechanics against other enemies or mini-games in this one?

So you start in a house and you’ll notice a door for the Practice Forge, but to unlock it you have to earn points and collect resources.

There’s an friendly NPC waiting to give you instructions when you enter the main open world game and you start by chopping some wood. Once you’ve got the wood, then you’ll need to collect stone, iron and ore to unlock the Smelter. Once you’ve pumped the bellows and made your ingot you can sell it to unlock weapons.

For mini-games, we’ve got horseshoes, an apple tossing game (with your bow and arrow) and target practice. We are waiting to hear back from folks as to what other games they are interested in. There is certainly plenty to keep you busy!

Just as a note, folks are having some performance issues, so make sure you’ve installed Steam VR and read some of our posts about graphics and pesky bugs before loading up the game. I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback once you’ve started Yore adventure! Cheers!


Great to see developers in our community! Game looks awesome, it seems that you are really putting a lot of effort into it. On Steam it says a single-player game, and chance of co-op in the future. You know that one of the best things in open-world games is to wonder around with your buddies, and it’s even more amazing in VR. I played many simple VR games and the cooperative interaction is so fun. Just for example, imagine that your friend puts an object on top of his head (like an apple for example) and you can shoot it with a crossbow. This little interactions is what makes a VR game great, the social interactions within the VR world. I just think that you game can really benefit from it. I don’t know if it’s complicated to do it or not, but having someone else with you elevates the whole experience times fold. Just my two cents - good luck guys!

Hey @OldButEvolved, I completely know what you mean about co-op and multiplayer games and that sense of wonder that comes with VR. We are definitely planning on introducing it down the road. We just want to make sure that the groundwork is laid first. So for example, we want players to be able to fortify their village from invaders before introducing a bunch of invaders that can come in and just muck everything up. So it’s really about making sure that the tools and resources are there first, and then we will be introducing co-op :smile:

Thanks for the feedback and warm welcome to the community! It’s great to be here.

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I can really understand that. I am a web developer, so I can really understand the developer’s perspective and how guys want to lay down the foundations right first, create a community around the game and then push it forward. I think that sandbox games are good for that development cycle because you already built a canvas in which players can interact with, and it’s easier do add more interactivity in the future. An early access gives people an option to submit their feedback, so of course it first best to just solve bugs and improve performance before the full version is officially released.

I will definitely going to provide you with my feedback when I buy and try the early access version of the game. Keep up the good work!

BTW: amazing trailer!