Xbox One X will fail and this is why

So disappointing with the Xbox One X. I mean the console is a nice piece of hardware, but the game selection is so poor. For me it’s better to invest in a good PC (and listen carefully) with tons of games which I can download via Steam. It’s all about the games, not just the hardware.

Microsoft just Fail, Fail and Fail again, they never learn from their mistakes.

I also don’t expect to see many exclusives for the Xbox X. If I was a developer, why should I spend money in developing a game for a premium console, which is just a small subset of the Xbox gamers. Furthermore, not all of those gamers might play my game, because it will only appeal to part of those gamers.

The Xbox One X is like the PlayStation 4 PRo. It’s a mid-lifecycle premium console. The thing is that the life cycle of consoles is very long and people understand that maybe it’s better to invest in PC and enjoy much better visuals and game selection than being locked into a machine that triple-A exclusive are released in a year or more in between releases. It’s a WAITING MACHINE, that what it is. They just do trailers, gameplay trailers, marketing and you only get to play many of those games probably a year or more from now. So they keep you waiting with hype and this is what fuels this pathetic marketing scheme.

Furthermore, all those exclusives Xbox One X games will probably also be available for Windows 10 as well. So just buy a good PC and enjoy lots of new games almost every week. People just look at the price of the console, it doesn’t make sense. you want to play and have fun, and it’s in the games, not just the machine.

Furthermore, you need good games, not just games. I don’t really care about 4K right now, but 4K shouldn’t be the main thing. Gamers like myself want better graphic quality, better shaders, lighting, higher resolution textures, more detailed 3D worlds, amazing particle effects, etc, etc. The thing is that if a game is optimized for 4K, even a “powerful” machine like the Xbox One X isn’t powerful enough to come up with a game full of details and run in 4K. Unless there is an option to play it on 1080p with better visual fidelity, but I doubt that developers will develop a game like that where you can choose between resolution or better graphic fidelity and the different will be mind blowing.

Microsoft should have come up with an exclusive Xbox One X title that would blow us out, but it didn’t. An exclusive that would be exclusive to the console and would use every tiny bit of its power and stun the audience-it didn’t happen. Just imagine if there was a new Halo game for the Xbox One X, an exclusive, I’m sure that many gamers would have bought the new console just for that. As for now, we are just going to see many Xbox One games with enhanced version for Xbox One X, the same as the PlayStation 4 Pro. Although it holds a next generation power (40% more powerful than the Xbox One), the titles that are going to be released for it in the upcoming two years are mostly just enhanced Xbox One games with 4K and HDR support, and this is it. This is not a reason to buy this console.

Now for the price All that for $500, hell no. Sony just going to smoke Microsoft out with its upcoming exclusives games and the one that are already out like Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Uncharted 4 & the upcoming Uncharted: Persona 5, The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us 2 and let’s not forget their PSVR titles for those who own the PSVR headset like Farpoint, Ace Combat 7, GNOG, Golem and many others. Sony just outplayed Microsoft when it comes to exclusives, Microsoft is like a game stand in a fair in the 80’s compared to Sony.

Microsoft just bluring the line between its consoles and the PC. Listen carefully, it’s not that 4K offering isn’t nice, but it’s not just about 4K, it’s about all the other graphics capabilities like anti-aliasing, shaders, lighting quality that you won’t get when you play an Xbox One X game that is optimized for a higher resolution (4K). Compared to a PC is a good price, but again, you are very limited in games. Xbox One games can be played on Windows 10 but not vice versa. If there was an option to steam PC games to the Xbox One X it might be a good option. There are technologies out there that are capable of doing this, and I’ve heard that future console will be just streaming machines, but I yet to see anything that really caught up in the market so far. Unless I have missed something, correct me if I am wrong here.

Xbox One X will also support some original Xbox games, but come one, we want to move forward. For me it just tells me that because the selection of games is so low, the only way yo please the gamers is giving them an option to play older games while waiting for the new titles to arrive. With all the billions of dollars that Microsoft has, couldn’t they invest in a new franchise to debut for its upcoming console. I think that Microsoft doesn’t see this is a next-gen console per-se, and it’s just another mid-age console to compete against the PlayStation 4 Pro, nothing more.

All said and done,I think the Xbox One X isn’t worth it and it’s a big fail. Microsoft needs to think of a strategy that not just designed to please its current player base, but bring up something that will shake the industry and convince players from other console to buy its console. As for now, Sony can easily take the E3 show with just a few good game announcements, even a “The Last of Us 2” gameplay will still the show.

Oh, did I mentioned no word about VR compatibility? oh, and Metro Exodus did look great (enhanced on the Xboxx One X with 4K and HDR support)

What’s your opinion?

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Fail?! far from it. I actually think it will be very popular among hardcore gamers. The questions is as always, exclusive titles. I don’t see anything really compelling coming out in 2017, but I’m sure we are going to see at least one or two titles in 2018.

Don’t even want to react to this post the moment I heard the word “fail”.

A few years after it indeed failed :slight_smile: