Will Twitter release its own VR headset?

I just came across this article on vrsource.com that mentioned that Twitter will enter the VR (and AR) market pretty soon. This is after Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technologies and hiring a former designer at Apple.

Oh boy, this is going to be very interesting. I’m pretty sure the if Twitter investing in machine learning, this means that it might want to build an online virtual reality social platform of some sort, what do you guys think?

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I guess that due to the many low cost 360 cameras hitting the market, Twitter will probably want to create a platform (not sure about a headset though) that will allow people to view and share 360-degree images and videos online. Twitter has to do it very fast, because all the popular brands like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc - all investing billions in this evolving VR technology and I’m sure that Twitter, as a social network,doesn’t want to stay behind. I expect major announcement from Twitter in early 2017, who knows, maybe earlier.

I won’t be surprised with all the headset being released on the market. Just look at the Chinese market, there are like hundreds of them, I already lost track. But I agree that it would be awesome if a social website giant like Twitter comes up with its own headset and social apps.