Will PSVR games will be able to run at 90fps?

I was wondering it PSVR games will be able to run at 90fps like Rift and Vive do, or due to the inferior hardware they’ll run in lower frame rates?

I checked this one out. The game Golem and Mind for example is confirmed to run at 90fps and for games that aren’t optimized for 90fps, there’ll be a 120Hz display mode, where 60Hz will reprojected to 120Hz. Of course it depends on the title. Because it’s made for consoles and PSVR, developers will be able to optimize their games ahead of time to match the hardware. So I think that in either an optimized game or with interpolation, some of the game will be able to run at this frame rate. I’ll research it more and update this post when I have more updated information.

Also check this new post on reddit.

That’s my biggest concern. We can already see many VR games with cartoonish or simplistic graphics… that’s because the PS4 low hardware specifications for running VR games. That will be change when Sony introduces a new version of the PS4 console.