Will PlayStation VR be comfortable to wear for many hours straight?

I spend many hours playing games. I am a bit worried about the PlayStation VR headset won’t be comfortable to wear when playing a few hours straight. I’m saying this because even if I wear headphones on my head, I start to feel discomfort after some time. I’ve read that the PS VR headset weighs approximately 610 grams (~1.34 lbs) and if you look at the design, it sits on top of your head and part of it on your face, and not even mentioning that you need to wear headphones because the PSVR doesn’t come with built-in ones. Even the materials look plasticy and very not comfortable.

I am afraid that after buying the headset, I’ll feel very uncomfortable playing with its for a few hours straight, and I might won’t be able to enjoy it as I would have liked to.

I would like to hear if anyone here actually tried playing with it for a long period of time, maybe in events.

I didn’t try it out, but those who tried it said that it’s one of the most comfortable headsets out there. The inner part of the headset is spongy with a plastic exterior and it’s relatively very light. That being said, I don’t think that there is anyone here who had a chance to play with its for a few hours, you need to try it at the store and see if it’s comfortable for you or not.

The PSVR is very comfortable, the only thing that I don’t like is all those lights coming from the front and the back. You can trust Sony to deliver on comfortability. There is also a control dial at the back that you can use to tighten the headband portion to make the headset seat comfortable on your head. Inside there is a spacious space, so people with glasses won’t have problems wearing and using it.

Furthermore, there is a rubber cover attached to to the part of the noise. Regarding the materials, the inner part of the headsets that sits on your head is made of soft cushioned material, very soft and comfortable. The headset weighs 610g, relatively lightweight and the headband was designed to spread the weight around your head so you won’t feel that something heavy is sitting on your head, it’s very well balanced and designed for long use.

Some gamers were worried because the headset itself is quite big, but as I mentioned, you shouldn’t be worried, it’s probably the most comfortable VR headset out there.


Thanks OldButEvolved, very informative. I wasn’t aware of all that, quite an impressive piece of engineering if you ask me. There is no way that Sony would screw this thing up, in fact, Sony is well known for its super product design. If there is any company that can design great products, this is Sony. I do agree that the PS VR looks a bit toy-ish with the white color and the flashing led lights, but who really cares. It’s not that you are going to look at it while playing.