Will PlayStation VR Aim controlller will work with any FPS game?

I am a big fan of first-person shooter and I was super excited when I’ve heard about the new PlayStation VR Aim Controller, but I am curious to know whether it will work with any FPS game or just with Farpoint?


Hi there,

I’ve read an article on CNET that mentioned that Farpoint will arrive with the Aim controller. It also mentioned, and you can see in the photos, that it has the exact standard DualShock controller buttons on it (except the touchpad). So I assume that it will be compatible with many games, not just Farpoint, or at least those who allow you to map the keys so it will make that controller intuitive to use with different shooters. I also think that even if a game doesn’t match the buttons as you want it to be, you have the option to map the keys in PlayStation settings, I’m not 100% sure, but I remember that a later update introduced key mapping.

I’ll look into it further and post again when I have a better answer. Cheers and enjoy our new forum!

It would be so cool playing COD with it, but it would work with non VR games as well, right?

LUL would be awesome to be it with Overwatch!