Will Google Dream deliver PS4-quality VR experience?

I’m sure that Google Dream compatible Android smartphone are going to be pretty strong, so I wonder if we will experience something close to what the PS4 can deliver in term of graphics?

I suggest that you read this article on extremetech.com that suggets that no mobile GPU is going to catch up with consoles until after 2017. It also tackles the problem that consoles is synonymous with high-quality gaming, but visual fidelity isn’t essential to create great immersive and fun games.

Great article, so we can expect mobile to reach console-level graphics in about a year from now, quite impressive I have to say. Just imagine that, a console in the size of the palm of your hand! - something doesn’t add up, but when you come to think about it, miniaturized hardware components are always more expensive than desktop ones.

Games on high-end Android devices already look amazing in this generation, it really depends on the game, because there are many PS4 games that are visually inferior to some Android games.