Will Apple join the VR gaming industry?

The only company who is missing in the VR gaming industry is Apple. I’m pretty sure that Apple won’t stay behind the other companies, especially considering how popular mobile VR games are right now. The new iPhone will unquestionably have the required processing power to run high-quality VR games, and Apple needs to compete against the upcoming VR platform from Google, Daydream.

Do you think that we’ll get to see a new VR headset following the launch of the new iPhone?


I don’t know if you already read this post on techinsider.io which states that Apple is working on a VR headset and it also posts a drawing of a patent application that Apple filed in 2008, 2009 and 2012.

If it’s indeed the case, we probably going to see a headset that is quite similar to Gear VR. The headset as a compartment for the phone with a touch-sensitive remote control. There are many other reports, just Google it. It definitely looks like a strong evidence that Apple is indeed working on an iPhone-compatible HMD. I did search for some leaked images but came out empty handed.

We’ll get a confirmation for that in Apple’s Keynote event or if there is a leakage of information a few weeks or days before its announcement. I just remind you that iPhone owners can play VR game with one of the many HMDs which are already available on the market, including among others:Altegaze, Cmoar VR, Deepon, Freefly VR, Hmido VR, Opto, Zeiss VR One GX and Zeiss VR ONE.

I’m also eagerly waiting to see what Apple is going to bring to the VR industry, an Apple VR headset is certainly going to be something very interesting, but let’s just wait and see.

I also recommend reading this article on macrumors.com.


Read it, no doubt that apple has something up its sleeve, but I’ll probably be disappointed to see another Gear VR-like headset. After seeing what Google plans for VR with Daydream, I think that Apple we’ll come up with something similar. However, unlike Apple that makes its own hardware and software, Google opened up its platform to allow other phone manufacturers to make Daydream-ready phones. This will, again, and if it will be indeed the case, will give Google an edge over Apple, and I can’t see Apple making its headset compatible with other phones other than its iPhones.

Due to Apple’s smartphone and tablet market share (23.10% as of May), it won’t be hard for Apple to sell its HMD nor a problem to encourage developers to develop VR games for its forthcoming headset - if it’s indeed its plan. Google Daydream is a really interesting platform, I have no doubt that it’s going to be extremely popular among mobile gamers.

Unless Apple comes up with something extraordinary, to be honest, I can’t see it surviving the next 10 years. Apple continuously expending market share in favor of Android, and now with Google Daydream coming up, Apple’s future looks darker than ever don’t you agree?

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There is an article on knowyourmobile.com that was posted a few days ago and talks on that exact subject. Apple definitely looking into VR (or AR), so who knows, maybe Apple will attack from two directions and maybe, just maybe, will release an all-in-one VR-AR headset.unlikely, but Apple can always surprise us, and I think that it’s going to be a huge surprise if that happens. That being said, I feel bad for iOS game developers who will need to tackle both technologies.

Google is also into Augmented Reality with Tango, Apple certainly need to do something, and fast!

Apple is not blind to what’s happening, it reads the market perfectly, but it failed to innovate in the last five years or so. If it can’t innovate in VR as well, it definitely going to work against the company, and quite badly, in the upcoming years… which means losing even more market share and in even faster pace.

Yeh, Apple can’t screw up this time, waiting to see what they gonna come up with.

I can’t see Apple giving up this opportunity. I’ve read the projected market value for the next 5 years, there is not way Apple is going to give up that. I think we’ll get to see a new Apple VR headset pretty soon; most probably when the iPhone 7 is announced, let’s wait and see.

I don’t care anymore about Apple products, stop using them a long time ago. Looking forward to try Google Daydream.

Do not be too quick to rule out the Apple so quickly , it might come up with a really good product. Apple was the king of innovation, and I still believe that it can surprise. Don’t forget all its millions of followers that blindly buys its product. This means that developers will prefer developing for a company that has tens of millions of potential buyers. Unfortunately, this what dictates the market. Mobile VR is going to be a big deal in the upcoming years, and Apple will definitely going to be a part of it in one way or another.

I’m sure they will, the question is when.

Might be the device called Apple iVR

We’ll soon know :grinning:

Every year I think that that’s it, Apple won’t innovate and will fade into the darkness, but every year I am also surprised to see that whatever Apple releases, turns into a success. What can Apple add to the VR market, another mobile VR headset? Do we really need another propriety headset for the iPhone?

Don’t count them out so fast. I’m smelling a VR headset coming :slight_smile:

Well, after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus announcement, it seems that the answer is no :frowning:

Can the PS4 Pro run games at 4K 60fps? I have a high-end PC that barely runs 4K games at 40fps. I’m a bit skeptic.

I don’t understand why rush to a conclusion so fast. I’ve read articles on some VR related pending patents, so Apple is very likely to join the VR industry very soon.