Wildfire VR Room-scale hunting game

Wildfire VR is a new room-scale (standing) hunting game for the HTC Vive. The game features low-polygon visuals, but it still looks really nice with beautiful lighting due to Unreal Engine 4. There is nothing too fancy here. You grab a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other hand and start shooting ducks, deers, cans and even TVs.

The game is quite challenging because the animals move fast and in an unpredicted manner. It gets even harder as you progress. I think it’s a great game for those who just bought the HTC Vive headset and just want to see how it feels playing a first-person shooter on their brand new headset, before investing in a more expensive title.


First-person shooters are super fun to play on VR, and if you haven’t got a chance, I recommend buying the game in give it a shot, For $2.69 (as of the time of writing), there is not reason to think too much, especially if you haven’t had a chance to play a room-scale shooter before.

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It doesn’t even have background music, just to barebone if you ask me. I don’t understand why every developer has to developer a first-person shooter, there are so many cool games developers can make on this medium with a bit of creativity.

I agree that it would be awesome if it had music. Sometimes the shooting does sound a bit too intense without music. Regarding your question about FPS games. In my opinion, developers make those games for two main reasons: first, there is a high demand for these type of games. Second, there are easier to make with the current game engines, especially if you make shooters with Unreal Engine 4. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy, but better than trying to build something that needs mechanics that there is less information on the Internet how to employ them in the engine. I hope that the developer would be able to share more information about the game. I like the game overall, and I do agree with what the developer wrote on the Steam game page that its a great introductory FPS game for newcomers.

To be honest, I don’t mind have more shooters, you can’t have enough of them if you like these type of games, especially when developers are selling them for peanuts. I don’t mind spending $20 and enjoy 5 or 6 games that will feel up my week. I’ll always be supporting indie developers. I think that many of them have a great potential to develop some really great games, and all they need is our support. Looks really nice, I love the simple graphics and the dual weapon setting. I wish the developer all the best launching his new game.