Why one would buy FOVE VR headset?

Guys, I don’t understand why someone will order a headset like the FOVE. It has innovative eye tracking technology, but on the site it mentioned that only around 250 SteamVR titles are supported. Most of the current title aren’t taking advantage of this technology, and I believe it’s not compatible with HTC VIve, so why one would buy such an expensive headset. It’s better to just buy the HTC vive and enjoy all titles. Furthermore, in the future, the HTC Vive is probably going to have eye-tracking as well, in its next iteration, so why invest in a technology that doesn’t have a lot of dedicated title and maybe doesn’t have any future at all.



Just read this article on uploadvr.com and the first comment was from a guy who questioned that as well. If the headset supports its own SDK, there won’t be so many developers to develop for it I assume. Having said that, maybe porting current Vive and Rift games that don’t require the controllers are quite easy for developers, but of course you buy the headset for its tracking capability, games like the Eye-tracking shooter called Project Falcon. You can check out the hands-on for this game on uploadvr.com.

Great article thanks.

I don’t see any future for these headsets to be honest. Why? because the largest corporations will catch up in a year and those large corporations will release even something better the next iteration for a cheaper price and they have the potential to reach a broader audience, which means more developers will develop games and apps for it. So that’s why I see no future for many of the 3rd party VR headsets out there.

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If I was a developer, I’m not sure that I would have chosen to develop an exclusive game for FOVE 0. First you need to learn new APIs, and second, not many people have it so my potential earning ceiling is low.