Why no VR Game streaming on Twitch?

I wonder why there are no streamers on Twitch that stream VR games. Is it because of the way VR games are streamed on a regular display or lack of interest?

There is no problem streaming VR games. In fact, there is a Streamer called Zimfok5 on Twitch who is currently streaming Oculus Rift games as I write these lines. The reason is also because most of the popular games aren’t VR ones. There are also tons of non-VR games that aren’t streamed on Twitch. As long as the game has a demand, you’ll see it streamed online.

There will be once there are more titles that people actually enjoy watching, not just for the sake of viewing a VR game, but watching and enjoying a game that is fun to watch.

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I agree with vimvim, just give it some time