Why No Man's Sky won't be Boring

no mans sky planet landscape

Many gamers really want to know if No Man’s Sky is going to be boring or whether an exciting game to play. In this post topic, I want to explain why I think No Man’s Sky won’t be boring, but offer a fun gaming experience.


No Man’s Sky feature a procedurally generated universe. Almost everything in the game is procedurally generated. This means that planets, animals, plants and sounds will be completely unique to each planet. If you enjoy traveling and visit a new place, you probably can understand how it would be like when you land on a new planet. You will get excited every time you visit a new planet. The mystery and excitement knowing that not even the developers know what’s waiting for you there. More than that, you will almost definitely be the first to visit it. We humans enjoy seeing new things, it rejuvenate us and excite us. When you lands on a new planet, you will be consumed by its unique beauty, the ambient sounds, the unique species and the overall atmospheric vibe.

###Survival is Challenging
The game might look like an easy game when you look at the gameplay video, but in fact, No Man’s Sky plays much differently from how it was demonstrated in many of the videos that you’ve seen on YouTube. It’s a survival game, and every player will need to manage his resources and play wisely in order to survive the harsh weather conditions that are expected to be in most of the planets. Many people thought that it would be a walking simulator, but in fact, you will consistently worrying about managing your assets, harvesting resources, crafting new items, socializing with factions and learning languages, all to make sure that you can continue on your journey toward the center of the universe. This survival management system is what makes the game very challenging. This is especially true for new players who are just learning the game mechanics and trying to understand what materials are needed to craft what and where are the highest chances to find them. Survival in NMS is very challanging, and who doesn’t enjoy a challenge in games.

###Vivid Atmospheric Visuals
<img alt-‘No Mans Sky beautiful vivid planet’ src="/uploads/default/original/1X/512e5b8473c75d2b120c0165f3e17d56cb957177.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”>

No Man’s Sky takes a different approach to visuals due to its native procedurally generated system. I’m sure that many of you were ecstatic when you first saw how the game looks like. It doesn’t have realistic graphics, but yet it allows the developer to use some really gorgeous color palettes and create a game that really look like nothing we’ve seen before. The graphics engine produces smoother and more eye candiy visuals, that perfectly match the fantasy world that Hello Games was trying to create. I can look at the above image for an hour and still enjoy its beauty. Many of the screenshots I’ve seen are like a piece of art, drawn by a machine, which is quite astonishing when you come to think about it. So enchanting and delightful to watch, and I’m sure that many players will work hard to be given a chance to land on a planet like this. I am also sure that once you found one, you will want to share that unique experience with the whole world.

###Instructions not included
One of the great things about No Man’s Sky is that it doesn’t come with any instructions how to play it, like Minecraft. You have to figure out how to play the game through trial and error and through experimentations. You are put into this worlds on a planet and from that point on your are own your own. That’s one of the aspects of the game that makes it very challenging and tickles our curiosity and imagination. We don’t have a list that shows each item progression or every item that can be crafted in the game, players will need to find it out themselves. I remember someone asking Sean Murray how a player knows where to find the needed materials, and Sean Answered him that with experience, people will know where specific materials are located, but it’s not written on the wall or in an instruction book, players will need to figure it out themselves and he hopes that people will communicate with other people outside the game to share information and get useful tips. It’s great not knowing what to expect, and this anticipation for the unknown is what makes this game even more interesting to play, especially for new players.

###Play the Game the Way you Want to Play

No Man’s Sky doesn’t tell you how to play the game. There isn’t a linear path that the player needs to take in order to finish the game (if there is actually a finish line to the game, we still don’t know). Players can choose to play different classes, which is determined by the ship that they use at any given time. You can be an explorer, fighter or trader. Every player can choose which way he or she wants to play the game, and you can always switch a class by just changing to another ship. So for example, you can focus on exploration and visit many planets or become a trader and focus on making more money by buying low and selling high. You can even decide to stay on one planet and explore all its lore or become a pirate and get great loot from attacking other faction’s spaceship and make a bad name for yourself. No Man’s Sky doesn’t force you to do anything. You do need to understand the universe laws in order to survive, but you are the one that decides how to play the game.

In the last couple of years, I start getting really bored playing linear games. These games became way too predictable and therefore not interesting. No Man’s Sky is not that type of game, there is no linear progression, no one tells you where to go and there are no quests like a conventional RPG game. This is another aspect sandbox game which makes them more interesting to play. Not every game has to have an end, and not every game has to have scripted missions to give make you feel satisfied with your achievements. No Man’s Sky does that in its own clever way. You are the one that dictates what actions in the game will make you satisfied, and you go and do that. The freedom of choice is a great asset of Sandbox games ad NMS is no different.

###Exploration is Fun!
Exploration is the probably one of the main reasons people are so excited about No Man’s Sky. So why exploration is so entertaining, it’s because it triggers out basic curiosity, we don’t know what’s waiting for us following the next hill or underground right beneath our fit. We were like that when we were babies, but that basic curiosity hasn’t changed a bit, and even when we grow up, we still try to make experiences for ourselves to discover new places, to see new things. It seems like human being needs to experience new things, it doesn’t matter if it’s to see another country, buy a new phone, meet new people, change our look or play a new game - the expectation for discovering something new excites us. The same formula will work in No Man’s Sky and I don’t need to be a fortune teller, read Sean Murray’s mind or actually play the game to know that most people will enjoy exploring the vast world of No Man’s Sky. Of course, everyone needs a break from time to time, and No Man’s Sky is a game that you can always get back to in your free time and explore more parts of its immense universe. You don’t need to be in a hurry, nor feel behind other people, you explore it in your own way, when you want it and how you want it.

###Hidden places right beneath your feet and Underwater

In No Man’s Sky, you are not confined only to the surface of a planet, you can use your Land disruptor technology for your gun and shoot down at the ground to reveal hidden caves. From what Sean Murray said in an interview with IGN, caves are very common in NMS and can spread for even a few kilometers. The game functionality makes the whole exploration experience much more interesting. Many of the game that I played have are one dimensional in that aspect, and what you see on the surface is what you get, but in No Man’s Sky (and it works the same in Minecraft), there is another place to explore right beneath your fit, things that you can’t see when you hover the planet and you need to dig your way under the surface to find some interesting stuff. The feel that there can be interesting things below you, make every step that you walk on a planet more exciting.

I didn’t even mention that you can also discover materials, animals and maybe many other things underwater. That’s an extra dimension for exploration which makes the who exploration experience even more enjoyable.

###Learning New (Alien) Languages
I love learning new languages. I remember that I promised myself that when I come back from a 3-month trip from Barcelona I will learn to speak Spanish fluently - didn’t happen, but I can communicate pretty good. OK, the thing is that it’s really a fun experience learning languages and more fun when yo speak to other people in their own native language. In No Man’s Sky, you won’t speak a different language, but you have the option to discover languages that will help you communicate with different alien factions. So the great thing is that when you first meet an NPC, it will take you some time to pick up their dialects. When you do get to understand them, you get cheaper prices ,better equipment and you’ll even be promoted to a higher status in that faction. So that language learning progression is something that, you the player, will strive to improve on and you’ll benefit from your efforts. So that’s another aspect of the game that is fun, because the game doesn’t give you everything on a silver plate, and you need to learn these languages and reveal what those NPCs are actually telling you. I found this very enjoyable to watch, and I’m sure it would be even more fun when I actually get to play the game. This is both challenging, rewarding and motivate players to continue exploring the lore.

###A Great attention to details (Stop for a moment and enjoy the view)
Beach on a planet in No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky gives a great attention to details, but not in a way that you might think. When I watch some gameplay videos, I was amazed how detailed the world looks: the rocks, the vegetation, the trees, the grass, the sky view, the animals - the world is full of details. It would be a hard work for a company to do that because the had to create 3D models from scratch for each one. Due to the procedurally generated technology, Hello Games were able to create a very detailed world that looks great, authentic, rich and diverse. Your eyes will love it because you will always see something new that you haven’t seen before. There are so many games that have fewer details and look very dull in comparison to No Man’s Sky. It doesn’t mean that a game has to look like No Man’s Sky to be blast to play, but I’m sure that if an option was given to you to choose between how NMS looks and a geometric or blocky graphics, I believe that many of you would have chosen to have NMS visuals like the one in NMS. In fact, NMS has its own unique graphics footprint, I can’t recall many games that look like that. The thing is that it’s easy for developers to make games that use more simplistic graphics. In fact, it was probably easier for Hello Games to do that as well, but they have decided to create a technology that will help their small team create a game that is both large in scale and looks very detailed and gorgeous at the same time. The results are nothing but stunning.

There are many games that have amazing graphics, but they have slow frame rates or the graphics come at the cost of a great gameplay experience. The thing is that your eyes are going to love what you see on the screen. I’m sure that many players will just stop for a few moment just to enjoy the beautiful planet and space scenery. That something that many people enjoy doing in real life, enjoy the view (I love watching sunsets and videos about the cosmos, the visuals are just spectacular).

No Man’s Sky is not just a game, it’s an art.

###No Loading Screens
Maybe it’s not a what we call a feature, but loading screens can really dilute the experience. No Man’s Sky does not have any loading screen. The whole experience is smooth and continuous. You enter your ship and aim to space and lands back on another planet, all without any waiting. I don’t know about you, but this is something that we gamers need to appreciate. If you play a game for a few hours, a game with loading screens can even consume even close to an hour from a daily gameplay session, seriously.

###Sharing your Experiences

No Man’s Sky has a huge community around it even before the game was officially released. If indeed the game is a success, we’ll have many players which we can ask questions and share our experiences. This is a vast universe, and I’m sure many of you will want to hear and see what other people have found. The game maybe isn’t a multiplayer game per se and even if the chances to meet other players are very slim, there is still a social aspect to it, but it probably going to be outside the game. Think of it this way. When you fly abroad to a vacation, many of your friends are not with you, right? but when you get home or while on the vacation, you feel an urge to share your experiences with others. So the same will happen in No Man’s Sky. It’s actually not different than what you do in real life, but I know that people will enjoy sharing their experiences with others and it’s going to be a blast!

Just think about landing on an exotic planet with beautiful beaches with a splendid view of a large moon in the sky. I’m sure that you’ll want to share that amazing experience with other people. I personally going to upload a screen shot to Reddit and let people go crazy :wink:.

By the way, is it just me or you guys also think that the NMS Universe is the universe that was before the big bang?

###Procedurally generated Sounds
No Man’s Sky features procedurally generated sounds for all the animals. The sound helps to create a more compelling and believable atmosphere. It really makes every planet feel believable although everything was made up and nothing is actually real. This makes every visit to a planet unique and fascinating.

I let this video speak for itself. The author of this video demonstrates some of the sound effects in the game, so just watch it and be amazed.


Without good sound effects and background music, even a good game can be boring. I’ve seen many games with very bad sound choice and it really impacts the whole experience. The same goes for movies. A good soundtrack can really trigger emotions compared to if you watched it without music or sound effects. The same goes to games and No Man’s Sky will certainly immerse you with its sound effects and every planet will feel alive.


Crafting has proven itself has a great mechanics in RPG games and obviously in one of the most popular crafting-based games of all time, Minecraft. People like to create new things and No Man’s Sky also features some of these crafting and RPG elements. You need to harvest resources in order to craft new items or upgrade current items.

This offers some type of a progression system and complement the survival aspect of the game.

###An Adventure on a Galactic Scale
I don’t if there is one person who isn’t fascinated with our universe. Humanity made a significant step when they landed people on the moon, but we are still intrigued by the fact that there might be other living things somewhere on a distant planet. This thought fascinated me and I know that there isn’t a chance for me to experience space travel in my life, but I can do it virtually in No Man’s Sky. If would trade everything to be given a chance to find new worlds, but I know that it won’t happen. I want to be able to get a feel how it would be like, and the only way I can really do it is by playing No Man’s Sky. No Man’s Sky is the answer to our endless curiosity of the universe. My mind and body are ready for this amazing adventure and every day is full of new discovering, how can you not get excited about that, just thinking about it makes me ecstatic.

We can assume that there are going to be many people playing No Man’s Sky, and for many of them, it’s probably going to be the first time they have been convinced to try out a new type of game, rather than playing yet another FPS or RPG game. Even for those who are fans of the exploration/survival game genre, this is going to be a completely new experience. One thing you can be sure, you will be kept interested in the game while trying to figure its mechanics. You might find out that this is exactly the type of game you’ve been craving to play for a long time, but there wasn’t a game that really excited you to make the jump and convincing enough to spend your hard-earned money on.

Do you really want to play yet another FPS game with a different theme? Not every day an opportunity emerges, that allows you to taste something new and unique. Just look at all the games coming in the upcoming months, many of them are either a remake , a sequel or just another of the same games that we’ve seen a year before (especially in consoles). One company dares to innovate and build a game that doesn’t follow the trend, it takes risks and it tries to bring something new to the table. I believe that even Hello Games don’t really sure how many people will actually enjoy the game, but one thing for sure, we need more of what that, more innovative games that dare to challenge the current gaming market state and push it from its stalemate position.

Trying new things is never boring, it’s exciting. The question that people may ask themselves is how long can this game entertain without getting them bored and whether it really worth its price tag. I think that the reasons I gave above are pretty convincing and demonstrate the huge potential that the game has, both for the player and the gaming community in general.

###Your Thoughts
I shared with you why I believe No Man’s Sky is going to be super fun to play. I just try to be connected with the basic things in life that make me excited and I know that I will enjoy the game.

I want to hear what do you guys think and give your own examples why the game is to be really fun, or the opposite, very boring. Let’s open up a fruitful conversation. I eager to hear what are your opinions about the game.

image credit: Hello Games


I can certainly agree without most of the things you mentioned here. I really like how it looks, how it sounds and how it plays. But I am keeping my expectation low and like most people, I hope it will indeed turned out to be a spectacular game.

How do wonder however, how much time they press the generate button to get such lovely planets? probably took them a day or two :slight_smile:


Spooky, stop feeding my hype, it’s almost out of control already, but hey, you are 100% right and many of the reasons you’ve mentioned are the reasons why I’m positive that I will enjoy the game for a long period of time. How much exactly I don’t know, but I believe that this type of game can easily make me play it for more than two months. For a guy like me it’s a lot, because I usually ditch game in favor of other games and I never going back to play them - but I have a good feeling about this one, because it’s different and vast than all the other games that I played before.

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Nice article man. I actually have a problem with the game not having coop. I think that if it had coop, it would be be 10 times more amazing and I can play with my brother and discover new planets with him. I don’t know… playing alone isn’t my thing, I love multiplayer games, but I do intend to buy it because it looks interesting and there are any good games to play until October anyway… so I am going to give it a chance.

LOL, it’s not me, it’s the game, I didn’t do anything. Look, there is a big interest in the gaming community because a game like this, at least not att this scale, wasn’t done before. I think that the procedural system alone isn’t the holly grail of this game, it’s the combination of several things that makes a game very appealing and I stated a few of the reasons in my post. Hello Games did many things right with the visuals, the sounds, the beautiful clean and simple user interface, the fact that there are no loading screens, there are no instructions how to play it; you need to figure everything yourself (same like Minecraft), etc.

I agree with the Instructions not included part. You know, in some RPG games, I really don’t like when the game shows me the entire progression tree, I want to figure things out myself and want to be surprised when, for example, my sword gets an upgrade to a fire sword, something that I wasn’t expecting at all. It gets me really excited and makes me want to wait and see what I get when I’ll upgrade my sword the next time. So yeh, I completely agree with that.

Great read, can’t agree more. This game is hard to grasp, but you actually help me understand what this game is all about, even if it wasn’t what you meant to do.

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@VRNewbie I am not hyped at all, but as I mentioned, I want to support innovative developers and I like I said, I am enough reasons to believe that it’s going to be a very good game.

I think with all things said and done, nobody really knows for sure how it would really feel like playing the game, and that’s what troubles so many players, and excites them at the same time.

Thousands of games to play and I don’t see people complaining too much about them. The marketing certainly makes gamers spend more time debating on a game. This game was and still is a big question mark, just because there isn’t anything like it and people want to categorize is so they know how to deal with it. Maybe it’s a survival instinct, making us want to categorize something so we know whether it’s dangerous or not. Not that I’m applying that NMS is a dangerous game :slight_smile: but I think that people want to know exactly what is this game, and it’s hard for them to understand that because they can’t relate it’s gameplay to anything that they’ve played before, at least not to a game that looks like NMS.

I also think that’s the bug buzz around the game make people share their excitement but also their skepticism. I can’t recall so much hype on a game in the past 5 years.

What are great article Spooky. I had a hard time grasping what this game is all about, and several times I thought that maybe it would be a mistake buying it on day one, before even reading a single review. You gave me confidence not that the game is not going to be boring, but confidence in believing what I already thought about the game. I WILL buy it on day one and I’m surely going to share my experiences with you guys.

Hi guys, just came back from work and I see that Spook has been quite busy. I’ve read it all, best preview I’ve read about the game so far. It certainly highlights its pros and shows that at least about what we know so far about the game, the pros outweigh the cons. I am more and more convinced that Hello Games made a smart choice from the very beginning not making this game a multiplayer game, and because of that decision, they made sure from the get-go that the game will be very enjoyable for players playing it alone, as a single player game.

Now with NMS Tracker, there is not change NMS will be boring :slight_smile:

That’s an amazing website, I’ll be using it to share my screenshots. Thanks spook.

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You welcome, I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.

3 days to go, I am so ready for this, going to be amazing!

Playing the game, enjoying it so much!

Having a blast playing the game!

I stopped playing it, to repetitive, but it was fun for a few days I have to admit.