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Nintendo Switch

This is an off-topic subject, but I wanted to share with you the reason why I will be getting the Nintendo Switch when it comes out on March 2017. When I first heard about the Nintendo Switch I was so excited. In this article I wans to share with you why I think the Nintendo Switch console is the best thing happened to the gaming industry in recent years and why you should be excited about it as well.


It might be surprised for you, but the only Nintendo console I owned was the NES. Since then I’ve owned the PlayStation 2/3/4 and played a lot of games on the PC. I am already 40 years old, and aging gamer. My best memories of playing games are actually tide to my childhood. I remember loving playing platform, adventure and RPG games and I spent countless hours playing those games.

As time passed by, we’ve seen less adventure, platform, turn-based and classic RPG games. I am currently playing mostly on the PS4 and the PC, and I found myself spending money on games that get really boring very fast and all feel of the same. When I looked at Nintendo, I saw a great library of amazing games that are a direct descendants of the classic games that I enjoy playing when I was a child. It’s like time was frozen and I we get to enjoy all those great games but on modern Nintendo consoles or handheld devices.

I wanted to by the Wii U, but because of availability issues in my country, I’ve decided to buy the PS4 eventually. Don’t get me wrong, I am having a great time playing with friends on the PS4, and in fact, the party voice features is one of the best things that happened to me as a gamer and one of the PS4 biggest strengths. I got to meet new friends from all over the world. This by itself is an amazing thing, regardless of the games.

So even as a PlayStation player, Nintendo for me will always be a synonym to great games. In my opinion, what makes Nintendo successful is the ability to come up with really great exclusive titles that appeal for young and adults alike. Games that make any adult feel young again and for everyone to jump into fantasy worlds and immerse themselves in other magical worlds where everything can happen.

After playing many years with the PlayStation and PC, I thought that maybe it’s time to finally make a switch and to buy the Nintendo Switch when it released on March 2017.

So what makes the Nintendo Switch such an amazing console? Let’s take a look at a few features which I believe are the most important ones and those who really make the Nintendo Switch an amazing gaming device.

##An All-in-One Stationary and Mobile Gaming Device

If you look at the gaming industry today, you can see that in the mobile phone era, people really enjoy playing games on their mobile phones and tablet devices. It’s a more personal feeling and the fact that the devices is on you almost at all times, means that you can now play games no just at home, but even on the bus on the way to school, in the hotel when on vacation—almost everywhere.

When I play games on a mobile device, I feel a more intimate connection with the game. Maybe it’s the physical thing and the size of the device that makes people feel a sense of ownership. The mobile device is like a part of you, like the best fashion accessory you have ever owned and it 's not just for the looks, it can entertain you and provide you with amazing experiences.

Sometimes I just enjoy lying on my bad and play games, rather than sitting on a chair and play a game with a controller in front of a large screen. In fact, the screen size matters based on how far you are viewing the screen. If you play a game with a tablet and hold it up close to your face, it’s like playing a game on a very large screen because it covers most of your field of view.

With the Nintendo Switch, you don’t need to sacrifice anything. If you want to play on a large monitor with a controller you can, but you can also use it like a tablet and play comfortably while lying on your bad. This hybrid approach really makes a big difference. It’s not even comparable to the Sony PSP and Vita, because all games will work on the Switch regardless of whether you are playing on a big screen or detaching it from its based and playing it like a tablet. Developers will develop games for a single platform, not two separate ones. There is no need for porting games or optimizing them for different hardware specifications, it will work the same, because it’s the same device.

Looks at the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL handheld gaming devices. One of the main reasons they are so popular is because of their small size. You can just fold them up and put them in your pocket or bag and carry them wherever you go.

##Physical Controllers

Furthermore, in my opinion, the use of physical buttons is much more engaging because you don’t need to use your hands on top of the screen which can obscure the visuals and it makes the control very restrictive, especially when you need fast reaction movement. Because most of the mobile games are developed with touch-interaction in mind, developers are limits in what they can do. Some games are indeed fun with a touchscreen, but for many games there are in fact not necessary and just a distraction. I think that the screen should be for visuals only and not be obscured by hand interaction.

I don’t know whether the Switch will have a touch-sensitive display, but even if it does, we can already see that Nintendo has given a lot of thought about the controllers themselves. There is a the competitive Xbox-like controller called the Switch Pro Controller and there are the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers which are detachable for remote play and can be attached to the Switch from both sides for a more like 3DS-style controllers, attached to the device itself.

I think that people love physical controllers and I think that for certain games they are quite necessary, especially for competitive games like Super Smash Bros. If you played a touch-oriented game on mobile phones, you probably know that the swiping movement put a lot of effort on the hand and is very tiring, certainly not designed for a long intense gaming sessions.

The physical controllers are definitely a big plus and one of the main selling points for the Nintendo Switch. Without it, it would look like a regular tablet and people might wonder why buy a Nintendo Switch over an Android tablet, especially considering all the hundreds of thousands games and apps that are already on the app stores.

This brings us to talk about games.

##Exclusive Nintendo Switch Titles

When it comes to Nintendo, the main reason to buy a Nintendo gaming devices is because of its exclusive titles. If you played games like Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda series, Mario Kart 7, Splatoon or Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you probably know what I am taking about. Nintendo have some of the best original titles in the industry. Nintendo is the first to teach me that graphics come second and you don’t need to have amazing visuals to enjoy playing a game. Graphics are important, but seems to be very overrated.

For some games high-quality graphics is essential, but for others it isn’t. I certainly enjoyed playing Battlefield 1 on the PS4 with all that atmospheric visuals than playing BF4. DICE really took advantage of the PS4 processor to create a great all-out-war experience with superb sound effects and amazing animations. A more powerful console can definitely improve the experience, but again, you can see many developers that actually give so much attention to the visuals, that they forgot to pay attention to the gameplay.

When the graphics aren’t the main factor, developers compete against each other in making games that are more fun to play, this is how they can profit from their games. I played so many games on the PS4 that look great, but they were so boring and I stopped playing them even on the first day. I think that a more powerful console can pose less limitations for developers, like in open-world games, so I think that it’s important, but not essential.

There are some Nintendo titles like the Super Smash Bros., Splatoon and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that I would pay double for them just to have them on the PS4, but I can’t, these are Nintendo exclusive titles. You don’t know how much I wanted to play Super Smash Bros., or any good brawler game on the PS4, but there isn’t any, or at least a good one. I also really like the comic/cartoonish visuals in games, and most of the Nintendo games are like that. That art-style really help me connect to the inner child in me. Maybe it’s a childhood fixation, but I just love that art-style.

The Nintendo Switch, and I have no doubt about it, will have some of the great titles from the Wii U and 3DS but we are definitely going to see some new titles that are going to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch powerful graphics capabilities. The Nintendo Wii U, and certainly the 3DS lacks strong graphics capabilities, but now with a new next-gen NVidia graphics processor, you can rest assured that we are going to enjoy some of the best Nintendo titles with even better visuals. There will be new exclusive titles that are designed to take advantage of the powerful GPU of the Switch, and all of that will be playable on a tablet-like device.

Players will be able to enjoy both worlds, playing the amazing Nintendo classic titles and future non-exclusive titles on a mobile gaming device.

##A Large Screen Matters

According to the latest info we have on the Nintendo Switch, it comes with a 6.2-inch 720p display. Some even mentioned a multitouch display. Playing on a 6.2" is certainly much more fun and immersive than playing on the 4.88-inch screen of the 3DS XL and much more than the 3DS 3.53-inch one. The 3DS, as popular as it is, still features a very small screen. The main advantage of this is that you can put the device in your pocket, whether the Nintendo Switch isn’t pocketable.

I think that the sacrifice of the size of the display in favor of better a gaming experience will be well worth it. It will still be comfortable to carry the device with you in a small bag, what I can’t say about the PlayStation 4, which is exactly the opposite, and one reason why I didn’t take it with me when I traveled to Spain for three months. If I had the Nintendo Switch, I would definitely carry it with me in the carry-on bag.

A large screen is very important, especially for adults because their eye vision isn’t the same as they were younger. Furthermore, there is less need to more the device closer to your eyes, so you can see comfortably on your bad and play comfortably.

##Summing Up

The Nintendo Switch brings all the best things that I am searching for in a new modern console: great physical controllers, mobility, great exclusive titles, better visuals, larger display and of course the great community. I always wanted to own a Nintendo gaming console or handheld, and this time I certainly know that I’ll be getting one. Even if I wasn’t a Nintendo gamer, I always wanted to be. Of course I hope that the console will be available in my country, but even if not, I will order it online and import it. When I first heard about the Nintendo Switch I thought that this is a really bad idea, but oh boy I was wrong, it’s exactly what I need and what I think many other gamers have been craving for (and maybe the didn’t know that this is what they need). I am fed up with mobile games with tons of advertising and microtransactions. I want to feel that I own the game and not less the medium negatively impact the gaming experience.

I am buying the Nintendo Switch and probably be selling my PS4. This is a time for a change. Microsoft and Sony can fight on who has the most powerful GPU, I am going Nintendo - All In!

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The Switch looks amazing. I am also considering getting it.

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I will definitely get this console. Looking forward for those amazing exclusives.