When Monster Hunter Frontier releases for PS4 in NA?

Anyone knows if and when Monster Hunter Frontier Z coming to PS4 in NA and if so when?


I didn’t find any information about it, just speculations. There is a game called Hunt horrors of the gilded age which it coming to the PS4, and look quite similar, I mean, fighting monsters with friends… check this video out.


Look sick isn’t it. And because it’s from Crytek, you definitely can expect triple-A quality visuals and gameplay experience.

I think it’s a mistake choosing a non fantastical theme. They should have gone with something more similar to Monster Hunter. Just looks like a regular FPS game, but still, looks really cool I have to say. It supports up to 4-player coop.

I think that the first company who develops something similar to Monster Hunter and bring it to the NA are going to be very successful. I don’t know why all the other companies are putting their bet on shooters, this type of game can be a HUGE, and I repeat, A HUGE success. I wish I had the funds to develop such a game.