What's happening to Google Daydream?

What happened to Google Daydream? Nobody write about it, not big announcement, nothing. It was launched and it feels like it disappeared from the face of the Earth. Usually when a new technology from Google kicks in, there is a buzz and a lot of action going on. I think a single device and a headset isn’t enough to move things forward, and I’m certainly that developers won’t be encouraged to develop for it as well. Looks like a big post launch mistake. What do you guys think?

Releasing a new technology to the market doesn’t means that it will immediately becomes popular. Samsung was the first to enter with a more advanced VR headset and gave it for free for those who bought the Galaxy S7. I was in Barcelona when it was announced and ho boy, all the Plaça de Catalunya square shouted “Samsung”. There was a big buzz around the new Galaxy S7 and that with the addition of giving the Gear VR for free, helped Samsung established its dominance in the mobile VR market very fast.

With Google Daydream it’s a different story. First of all, the Google Pixel doesn’t sell as well as the Galaxy (source).This is a very important thing because if Google can make a fast penetration with its Google Pixel phones, it will take Google much longer to establish it. The Google Pixel phones are expensive. For many people its just doesn’t worth it, even with the Daydream View VR headset. People prefer waiting for the next Galaxy S8 and the new Gear VR, which already have hundreds of games and experiences. Why buy a headset and the Pixel for VR where they are just a few apps and games for it, it doesn’t make any sense. People want to enjoy VR now, not wait months or who knows, maybe a year or two until the platform has a lot of content.

Second, many people prefer waiting until there are more Daydream-ready phones and headsets available. Why buy the first one. After all, there suppose to be several devices and headsets available, so people are saying to themselves: “I’ll wait, no rush, I’ll wait until more Daydream-ready devices are released and then device”.

Third, to convince people to buy into a new platform, that platform should have a lot of games and app that will convince people to get it. Is there any game for Daydream that really convinced you to but a Daydream-ready phone and headset for it? I guess not. It will take quite some time until Daydream will established a good market share, but the problem is that developers won’t wait. I think that Google should partner with more game developers to develop more great exclusive VR games for this platform. Otherwise, I don’t see this platform walking on two feet even by 2017.
, I just don’t.

This just reflects my point of you. Maybe other people in the forum have better insight of what’s going on there with Google Daydream.

I think that 30 games at launch isn’t bad at all and there are some pretty good games like Danger Goat, Gunjack 3: End of Shift, The Arcslinger, Sisters, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and others. I do agree that many people probably waiting for new phones to arrive which aren’t from Google and then make a decision. I’m sure that many of upcoming Android phones will be Daydream-ready, so people are not hurrying up, there is not rush. When a good phone comes that they want to buy, they’ll but it. Like any new platform, it takes some time until you see good content. I’m sure many developers are working hard to release new applications and games for it, it just takes time.

I didn’t expect Daydream to become popular on day one. It will take a a year or two I assume until this platform really catches up with Gear VR.

We need more title for Daydream, seriously. Google should have partnered with more developers so Daydream phones would be a great gadget to buy for Christmas.

From what I’ve read, Daydream sells quite well, but once the iOS is out offering ARKit games, I’m sure there will be less interest in Daydream, at least for some time. I’m sure many people will prefer buying a phone which you can play AR games without any headset than buying and wearing a headset to play games. Of course those two technologies are different, bu I’m sure AR games won’t disappoint and will hook many players. It’s interesting to see how ARKit will influence the market.