What Top 3 games you recommend buying for Oculus Rift?

I’ll be buying Oculus Rift next week, I mostly played FPS game. I plan to buy 3 games just to get started (maybe more depends on the price). Obviously, I don’t mind trying other types of games, maybe horror or adventure game would be nice. Which ones do you guys recommend?

Hi Nakia and welcome to the forums.

Obviously, you can take a look at our Oculus Rift games page and sort the list by Popularity and Votes (click the ‘Filtering options’ button). For example, I sort it now and we can see Mervils: A VR Adventure, Feral Rites and Mythos of the World Axis in the top three, but both Feral Rites and Mervils will be released later on in 2016.

Mythos of the World Axis was already released. You can also check out [Fated](http://vrgamesfor.com/fated/, which is also positioned high in the list. Just head over to that page. We made this site so it’s easy to discover great VR game. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot, I’m reading it right now!

My picks: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Elite: Dangerious and Chronos. :yum:

Came across this list on slant.co, check it out!