What should be my first PSVR games - any recommendations?

I’ve already pre-ordered the PSVR bundle. Although I do get the demo disc with quite a lot of demo experiences, I still haven’t made up my mind which games to buy first. I lean toward Ever Valkyrie and Battlezone, but I am open to suggestions, as I haven’t pre-ordered any of them yet. Thanks.


I think that Eve Valkyrie is a must have game for anyone who love first-person shooter, but let’s not forget Farpoint, which is an exploration survival game that comes with its own PS VR aim controller. If you love horror games, you have to get Resident Evil VII by Biohazard. I played the demo and it was an amazing experience, and in VR it’s going to be a completely different experience.

Another must have game in my opinion is Rigs Mechanized Combat League and Eagle Flight for those searching for a competitive multiplayer action game, I these two alongside Eve Valkyrie are among my favorite picks.

Other titles worth considering in my opinion: Robinson: The Journey, Job Simulator and Battlezone.

If I need to pick just two, I would probably go with Eve Valkyrie and Rigs Mechanized Combat League, just because I love multiplayer game, but this is just me.

I think that it might be better to have one FPS game, one horror game and one that supports the move controllers, so I can taste a bit of each experience and then decide what other games to buy. It’s a new experience after all, and I think I need to taste a bit of each one before I make up my mind what type of VR games I would enjoying playing on the PSVR.

Have you made up your mind yet :slight_smile:

I checked amazon.co.uk, there Until Down: Rush of Blood is the best seller in the adventure videogame category, so I guess there is a big interest in this game, and it’s also relatively cheap (£14.00 on amazon.co.uk, compared to Evel Valkyrie for example which is £49.99). At amazon.com, in the best sellers video games PS4 category, the most popular one is again Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in the 32nd position. Eve Valkyrie is at the 45th position and RIG Mechanized Combat League is at the 57th position. Again, this might change in every minute.

So it seems that most of those who plan or already pre-ordered the PSVR prefer mainly those three games:

  • Until Down: Rush of Blood
  • Eve Valkyrie
  • Rig Mechanized Combat League

I hoped I helped.

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I recommend checking Rez infinite also, got high ratings, looks like a great game to start kick your VR experience.

I would go with Battlezone for sure. If you love co-op shooters, you must get this game. I’ve heard many positive opinions for those who played it, and they told me that it’s even better than Rigs.

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Here’s a video of two guys from PlayStation Access playing Battlezone for the first time:


Most of the leading gaming websites recommend Rez Infinite, especially the “Area X” in which you play off-rails and was built especially with VR in mind.