What possibly a No Man's Sky DLC bring?

Today a thought came to my mind: what possibly a No Man’s Sky DLC bring to the table, what new great features Hello Games can add to the core gameplay? I know it’s too early to talk about any future update to the game but I am interested to hear what’s your bet?

If you ask me, I want a cooperative multiplayer feature. I want that Hello Games will allow players to play in a group of at least up to 5 people and allow them to explore the universe together. A PvP feature also sounds great. I actually think that when you get close to the center of the galaxy, there is a PvP zone where players fight for different factions. So competitive and cooperative multiplayer would be an amazing feature for the first DLC. Who knows, maybe this feature was already developed and will be introduced in early 2017, or maybe I am just dreaming and I need someone to wake me up :slight_smile:.

What’s your take on the an upcoming DLC?

That’s a tough question buddy. What things for certain, they are not going to add any more planets, I can tell you that, but a few more parallel universes won’t hurt :slight_smile:

OK, no seriously, they can add lots of more crafting items and upgrades, maybe more ship classes. I yhink that’s what we are going to get if there will be indeed a DLC for No Man’s Sky. Just think about all the possibilities that Hello Games have to extend on the core gameplay, that by itself gets me very excited, but let’s focus on the core game, hell, the game isn’t out yet.