What is Sociable Soccer VR, when it's going to be released?

Hi guys, anyone knows what this Sociable Soccer VR is all about and when it’s going to be released for PlayStation VR? It looks like a FIFA game, but because it’s called Sociable, I assume that there are other aspect of this game that make it stand out from FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games. Thanks.

From what I’ve read, Sociable Soccer VR is a FIFA-like soccer game with emphasize not on real-life simulation gameplay but on more on fast-paced and responsive arcade-style gameplay with lots of competitive online social features. It will also be available in non-VR versions for all popular mobile and desktop platforms. It will be available for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and PlayStation VR headsets. The non-VR version should come out in early access this summer (2017).

In the press release, Jon Hare mentioned that the game plays more like Rocket League in a sense, he called it, and I quote: “Rocket League in boots”. You can play it offline or online with friends. This guy is called ‘Godfather of football games’ and he is behind two of the most successful football franchise: Micropose Soccer and Sensible World Soccer. So you have a guy that really knows what he is doing when it comes to soccer games.

Sociable Soccer VR (and the non-VR version) feature more than 1000 club and national teams and over 30,000 players from all around the world. The game suppose to be easy to pick up but it underneath lies advanced complexity with pinpoint controls and tactical depth as the developer described it.

I’ve seen an interview with the developer and he said that everyone will be able to play the game, even a 4-year old can enjoy the game. Of course this game will has great competitive appeal and will appeal to many people, not just those who love soccer games, but those who like competitive online multiplayer games. There are also player cards from what I have seen with different rarities.

Looks like a great social soccer game, but I wonder what the VR version will bring with it?

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To be honest, I don’t like playing soccer games not on consoles nor PC. I hope that the social aspect of the game will make it more worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, I loved soccer games in the past when they were more arcade-style, so I hope this one will be better for me. I’ve also read that there is also a card collecting game and you need to gain more stars to buy better cards.