What is missing in No Man's Sky?

I think that No Man’s Sky has a huge potential and I was blown away from what I’ve seen in some gameplay videos. That being said, it seems like there isn’t too much to do in that huge inverse and all the gameplay mechanics are based on harvesting materials, crafting, trading and moving on to the next planet. Maybe Hello Games should have added a storyline and quests so we can take a journey to find some rare items that are spread across the Galaxy, it just seems to be too repetitive. What do you guys think, what is missing in No Man’s Sky?

I was also debating with myself whether it’s going to be good. It took me quite some time to really appreciate what Hello Games have created here. Many gamers want to take an adventure without boundaries, without an end, without a linear storyline, without quests. Players want a game that they build and tell their own story, nothing predefined.

When you play a game that already has a linear storyline, it makes the game almost the same for each player that plays it. Each player will experience the game about the same way. I assume that Sean Murray wanted to give each player a completely different experience.

There are games like Elite Dangerous, that offer trading, combat, missions, bounties, quests, etc. However, Elite Dangerous is an MMO in space, which evolves around you managing your own spaceship. No Man’s Sky is a completely different title. First of all, is wasn’t designed as a multiplayer game, although Sean mentioned that there are very slight chances for two people to find each other, but the game should be looked at as a single player due to these very slight chances for two player to meet.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t have any quests. You decide where you want to go and what you want to do. You can trade, you can harvest planets for their resources, you can spend a month on a planet or try to discover as much planet and creatures as possible. You can decide to join be friendly with a faction or be its enemy. Those actions have no bounties attach to them. Your interaction with these entities is totally optional. Sean mentioned that people should strive to get to the center of the galaxy, which probably leads to another galaxy once you get to the center. That being said, many players won’t do it, and probably be focusing on choosing other ways to play the game, the way that they found fit and what makes them to better enjoy the game. It’s a sandbox game, and although there is AI in the game the react to your actions, even if you don’t interact with him, it doesn’t stop your progression.

NMS has features endless ways to play the game and each player will be able to tell its own unique story. The game isn’t boring at all. You do want to improve your items, your ship, and weapons in order to be able to move and explore other places. If I remember right, Sean also mentioned something about remains. It said that it’s not confirmed and we need to wait and see, but I assume that there will be some artifacts that players can discover and those probably have great value in trading.

It’s like in real life, it’s great to see new places. Your mind is intrigued by it and all your senses are starting to work full time to comprehend all the new things that you see in front of you. This why I know that it won’t get boring, because I will be eagerly waiting to see what waits for me in the next planet.

If you search an action space game with quests and stuff, maybe you should look at Elite Dangerous, it’s an amazing game in its own right…

You know, the No Man’s Sky sub reddit have very little discussions, very little votes,. too much hype I suppose and nothing really interesting to talk about :slight_smile: