What game genres be best to play on PlayStation VR?

Lots of games are coming to PlayStation VR at launch. I personally looking forward see how first-person shooters play on virtual reality but I am also looking forward to some atmospheric horror game, which should be super immersive to play in virtual reality. What are your favorite genres that you look forward playing with your brand new PlayStation VR headset?

Hi, Besjanad (btw, I’ve sent you an answer to the question that you asked me via PM). For your question. I am looking forward to playing games that are less intensive and slower if you know what I mean, like adventures, horror games would be amazing on the PSVR, puzzle games, etc.

I think that horror games will flourish on the PSVR and be among the most popular genres. It’s not that they weren’t popular before, but the immersion is going to make the whole experience ea lot more emotional, authentic and scarier. You are going to experience jumpscares like you’ve never gone through before, trust me. Just imagine that all your vision is obscured by what the VR headset shows you and with a good headset on, you are going to feel a great sense of presence. Nothing from the outside world will interfere with your experience, You ear the helmet and find yourself in a new world, and in case of horror games, a very scary dark world.

So yeh, horror and adventure games are my top picks.