What free games do I get when ordering the PlayStation VR bundle?

I wanted to know what free games I get when I buy the PlayStation VR bundle? I know that if you buy Oculus Rift you get Eve Valkyrie. In this page I just see PlayStation VR Worlds, is it the only game that comes in the PSVR bundle?

You get PlayStation VR worlds, which is a collection of five VR experiences/games

  • VR Luge
  • Dangerball
  • Into the Deep
  • The London Heist
  • Scavengers Odyssey


Nice free games to get you started, quite good in my opinion.

Crap, I hoped for maybe a triple-A title like Eve Valkyrie.

Pretty decent I would say.

You also get a disc with a collection of some experiences, nothing fancy. The PlayStation VR World offers the best games though, you know, just to play something the same day you get your headset.

I would probably play those demos for a day or two and then go straight to business and try out the retail ones.