What do you do in No Man's Sky? Gameplay still baffles many

I just came after reading some comments on PlayStation blog. You can see how many people are concerned about the game. I can’t recall a time that gamers were so anxious before a game is released. People just don’t understand what the game is all about, even after watching 20 gameplay videos. I honestly think that people set their expectations too high. Hello Games doesn’t employ 300 employees, nor it has a triple-A budget for this game.

I do hope that a lot of time was spent to create some logic in the game, not just working on the procedurally generated engine. That being said, I think that the idea was to create a universe with many procedurally generated hazards and just throw players into it and watch them battling to survive.

Crafting, trading, and fighting mechanics are there to assist you out in your long journey to the center of the universe, and in fact, they are very imperative and you need to learn the universe edicts in order to survive (It’s a survival game, after all, don’t forget it).

Yes, I also have some uncertainties like many of you, but I surely going to give this game the chance it deserves. I really believe in Sean Murray vision in creating an enormous open world (Universe) game and I feel that he has an open mind and creativity to deliver an extraordinary experience to gamers who love these type of games; a game that many of us would have fancied playing, but haven’t gotten a chance, until now.

Negative things people say about No Man’s Sky:

  • It will get boring fast
  • No real objectives
  • No co-op or multiplayer, can’t explore the huge universe with friends
  • Will feel repetitive after a few planets
  • Long term goal (reach the center of the universe) that really doesn’t motivate you to do anything
  • The game weights only 6GB (mostly Audio files)
  • The game is an indie game that costs like an AAA title
  • No interesting combat system. Looks too simplistic and boring
  • The developer Hello Games have no experience in developing these type of games
  • Very few AI characters to interact with

I heard people say that the reason people haven’t developed a procedurally generated game at this scale, is because they knew in advance that a game like that would be totally boring. I don’t believe it. I think that this game was only possible because of the next generation computing power and wasn’t possible to be delivered at this scale a few yeras back, at least not in a high definition that No Man’s Sky is showing.

These are just some of the negative things that people have said about the game… Let’s hope that the game will live to its hype.

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I replayed the new No Man’s Sky trailer like 10 times, trying to fish out some new information about the game. This game really puzzles me no matter how many related videos I think that the reason most people having a hard time understanding what this game is all about is because of its scale.

I’m asking myself, how interesting would it be playing alone a game of such scale. For me it’s a single player game, I don’t care if the word multiplayer has been associated with it, you still going to play it alone with little chance to meet someone. I try to imagine myself landing on a planet, starting to harvest materials and upgrading my items. I think that I will enjoy the game if I will enjoy visiting other planets, and in a matter affect, I think I will. The question is how many planets will keep me wanting more. After how many planets I will ask myself, whether it’s time to put the controller and play some “real games”? Will any of the great upcoming games can convince me to just stop playing NMS.

I did look at the upcoming games and most of the great games that I look forward to are actually coming in Q1 2017. I will definitely going to play Battlefield 1, but other than that, I need a good single player game to kill time between releases. I think that No Man’s Sky is the SP game I’ve been waiting for and it will be my main focus until the end of the year. If that happens, it will be a big achievement for Hello Game, being able to keep me interested in the game for a few months.

You know what’s funny? the series of trailers were made to answer the most popular question that people ask regarding No Man’s Sky: “What can you do in No Man’s Sky?” and this is exactly that title of the post on playstation.com blog. I think that the developer knew that if people don’t get answers, they just won’t buy the game. To be honest, the trailer doesn’t reveal anything new nor the article that just talk about the trailer.We’ve seen many gameplay videos that show much more than this trailer shows.

I think that we can see that we already know what you do in No Man’s Sky: you explore, you craft, you trade and you fight. You’ve seen how it’s like in gameplay videos, so that’s about it. I think that maybe Sean himself is quite surprised why people have so hard time grasping what this game is all about. Maybe he thinks that this question means that people are not satisfied with what they’ve seen and they want more - but there isn’t anything more. That’s the game, love it or hate it.

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