We rely on indie developers to kickstart the VR industry

I think that one of the advantages of buying a PSVR is that there are actually many good indie titles for it. PSVR allowed more indie developers to get a big stage to showcase their games. In fact, many of the highly praised PSVR titles are coming from small indie developers. I see this a god sign for various reasons. First, the new PSVR platform will encourage people to be the first to deliver VR experiences and games as it’s easier for them to get the media attention. Indie developers in general are taking more risks in developing unique and innovative games. I saw that in regular games, but the VR platform does allow more innovation due to the technology itself. Third, the prices of these games are lower than the triple A titles, so people who buy the PSVR can try out many new titles without investing a lot of money into it.

If you try VR for the first time, you’ll enjoy even the most simplistic VR games. They might not be at the same level as the current triple-A titles, but they are still fun, especially when you try VR for the first time.

Regarding the prices. The Batman: Arkham VR costs $19.99, Until Dawn: Rus of Blood costs $19.95, Eagle Flight VR $39.99, etc. When I buy the PSVR, at least I know that I won’t need to play a premium price to just enjoy playing a few VR titles. Of course not all games cost like that. some of the highly anticipated titles like Rigs Mechanizes Combat League cost $49.99, Here They Lie costs $59.99, Battlezone costs $59.99 and Eve Valkyrie costs $59.99. Luckily for us the entry-level price for getting a PSVR headset isn’t high compared to the PC alternative. I just hope to see more and more indie developers making new games for PSVR. I will definitely buy indie games to support the developers because I know it helps push the industry forward.

I agree, the indie game lineup as far as Vr goes is really good.

I personally think we’ll need to see a lot more premium titles for the VR industry to continue forward. PSVR had a massive launch interest compared to VIVE/RIFT at least and still carries a good momentum, which I think is due to rather premium list of launch titles (less indie focus). That said, you are most certainly right that initially even the most simple games can be really fun but that fades soon in my experience.

Anyway I have great hopes for PSVR both premium and indie wise :slight_smile:


indie developers are not just doing a great job, but also developing many games that are on par with some of the latest triple-A titles in terms of gameplay experience.

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I agree @Lili92 most of the games that I play nowadays are indie games.

That’s the main problem with daydream at the moment, not many developers are developing experiences for it. It will take sometime I believe until this platform becomes as good as Gear VR.