We could really use your input on some new interactive AR tech!

Hi there!

We’re a small group of game, tech, and life enthusiasts with a dream to translate VR level game immersion into the real world. We’re working on a gaming system that utilizes what we call interactive augmented reality technology.

Basically a combination of Wii/VR style motion controls, your favorite PC/console game, and Pokemon Go, we’re talking real life gaming here! In order to develop the best product we possibly can, we really need your input.

If you could spare 60 seconds for our short survey [http://bit.ly/I_Swear_It_Is_Short], we would hugely appreciate it.
Plus, you get automatically entered into a drawing to win one of our IAR gaming systems for free.

And, if you want to discuss or ask us any questions about what we’re trying to do, we’d be more than happy to chat with you.
Thanks a bunch!

TL;DR; Small group of VR/AR enthusiasts trying to create some sweet new gaming tech. 60 seconds of your time would REALLY help us out and automatically enter you to win some awesome free stuff.

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Do you mind explaining more about the technology you are developing?