Wave Magic VR yet another Spellcasting game

Wave Magic VR is yet another spellcasting VR game, or as its developer calls it, a spell shooting game. There are already quite a few spellcasting games on the market, including: Spells ‘n’ stuff, Spellbound, The Unspoken, Spell Fighter VR and there are even quite a few more which are still under development (one example here).

Developers understand the great potential of room-scale VR games, and what a better way to deliver that great experience than letting players feel like Harry Potter, like a powerful wizard!

The Unspoken is probably the most noticeable onces, because it was developes by Insomniac Games, the same company who brought us many great titles, including among others: Ratchet & Clank, Edge of Nowhere, Spyro series and Song of the Deep.

As of the time of writing, Wave Magic VR is still under development, but the developer aims for later 2016 release. From what we can see in the video, the game still looks pretty basic. You can see the visuals effects of fire bursting from the wizard hands and some enemies getting owned in a desert area. Nothing overwhelming, but it does indeed look pretty cool, especially the sound effects. If you see the video, you can also observe some type of ultimate spell (which is indeed states as one of the current features in the game), where the wizards float into the air and kill all the enemy around him, looks pretty cool.

The game is categorized as a single-player game, but the developer also mentions that he plans to add boss battles, multiplayer duels (yes!!), leaderboard and spell upgrade system. This can certainly buff up the whole experience and I think that those features shouldn’t be left out and be available upon release.

The game has a great potential, although it is competing against some other great spellcasting games, which seems superior to it, but it’s too early to judge and we need to see what would become of Wave Magic VR through its development cycle.

You can support the project by making sure it is Greenlight on Steam here.


I wish the developer(s) good luck with their upcoming project and I wish we’ll see this game coming to life - looks really promising.

I’ve seen better, but it’s still under development, so it’s to early to judge. I just can’t see it being able to match The Unspoken, maybe single player will be good.

I don’t mind having more of these game, as long as they bring something new to the table. Coop MP can be really cool.

Looks like a pre-pre-alpha game, but it’s great to see another spell shooter, I just love these type of games.