VRZ: Torment on Steam

Kinda looks cool


they also have a free demo, going to try that out


Looks kind of creepy :slight_smile:

true, I like the shooting range and duck hunt minigames as well actually, great to show to friends when they are visting.

Game look really cool, how is the weapon mechanics, smooth and easy to operate or sluggish. By the way, I really liked how the Steam achievement appear near the gun. I love that their isn’t any overlay of the UI because it just ruin the immersion in VR games, game looks really great, I might give it a try this week.

they were easy for me. I only didnt know how to reload in the start.
Here is the manual I found:

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Thanks for sharing. This what I call a manual, even with triple A titles you don’t get that, but hey, meybe you don’t need to :smile:

If this is your channel, just want to say that I really like it.

Thanks ! More minigames are in the works and be added soon :slight_smile:

You did not saw night aka “devil time” in this video yet.

At night there are tons of enemies standing and they react on sound and light sources. Better be prepared ahead to survive it.

If you are lucky and reach next day, game will be saved and you will got more resources and time to solve some puzzles and progress.


Hey Spooky, no, didnt make the video just liked the video and the game. :slight_smile:

Are you the developer of the game?

Superb FPS Survival game. It can get really chaotic and I really like when it does. The graphics and sound effects are really good as well. I played it in the early access, it needed optimizations but now it runs solid. Personally, I am really addicted to the Arcade mode.

yes I am :slight_smile:

So you guys got suggestions or feedback post here or in Steam forums.

We got lucky to have extremely good EA players who provided really quality feedback which helped to shape and improve game!

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Me and my friends would just love if this game add co-op. I’ve read on the Steam forums that other people also suggested it. It’s just more fun to play with a friend. I think it will also help you sell the game more because than people will recommend this game to a friend to play with. They get better replay value and better social experience. I know many people that just enjoy playing co-op or competitive multiplayer games because of that. You can add very challenging missions with difficulty progression. It’s like doing a Nightfall in Destiny, it’s super hard to do it alone, so you invite friends to help you out, and you can get a good loot after finishing it, that’s the idea.

I will play it today, haven’t played it for a while, and I can provide you with more relevant feedback in the upcoming days.

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I agree. Multiplayer games have longer shelf life compared to single-player games. You can keep them alive by just releasing new challenges and new loot and people will come back for more. Of course you’ll need to create and support the hardware and software architecture to support multiplayer experience and I know it adds a lot complexity to the development of the game, this is why many developers focus on single-player games and try to listen to gamers and satisfy their needs to increase sales.

Raw Data, Detached and Arizona Sunshine (your game looks quite similar to Arizona Sunshine with the voice-over and gameplay mechanics) all of some sort of multiplayer offering and I believe that this is one reason why people show so much interest in those game. I didn’t play VRZ: Torment, but I’ve seen that there is a Demo, so I will give it a try this evening when I come home from work. Good luck with your game @Abnormalia.

MP and COOP is planned. We have several (non VR titles) MP titles with several millions of installs and quite experienced in that field.

As well as more Episodes and improvements :slight_smile:

Again, I didn’t play the game, but from looking at some gameplay footage on YouTube, I think that the atmosphere can be improved. It looks a bit pale and anemic. I mean, if you look at the atmosphere in Arizona Sunshine, you can see that it really draws you in. The ambient sound, the vivid and very detailed environment, everything looks really triple-A quality. This really helps in VR for the immersion. The zombie character animation in your game is less complex. I don’t know how to explain, maybe adding more frames with more details and smooth movement (example) and also make things look better. I played Arizona Sunshine and the enemy character animation is really good.

Another thing is about the lighting, textures and shadows in the game, which looks a bit lacking in your game. I don’t know what it takes to make graphics better. All I know from a friend is that Arizona Sunshine was made using Unity, so it’s not like they have used Unreal Engine and their superb lighting rendering, so I believe that whatever engine you develop your game in, it’s possible to make a game look great on any engine.

Another thing that can be nice is for the characters to have unpredictable movement. In Arizona Sunshine a zombie can move slowly and suddenly storm at you. It really nice and you just don’t know when it going to change its move. This makes you always be alert because you never know when a zombie is going to storm on you from the back. Watching the videos of your game, the zombie movement look more linear and predictable.

So this is just from watching videos on YouTube.In order to make your game more attractive (and it does have quite a lot of competition), you need to add unique game modes that will make it stand out from the rest.

So this is if from me and it’s great to hear that you are planning MP and COOP. I will definitely take a look at the other games that you have as well.

Its always compromise when developing for VR. 2K resolution that should run at 90 FPS. Every small effect or 1 more light source is a compromise to add/remove. We are constantly improving and optimizing game. Also it looks really different in headset than on videos. Colors and visuals are not shown well in recorded video and we are optimizing and testing inside headsets.

Here few features of VRZ listed:

In VRZ you can kills using multiple techniques and variety of weapons: Shoot, cut heads with katana, Freeze enemies shutter to pieces later, burn to ashes using fuel canisters or special quest awarded weapons, shoot bow, Smash head using barbed bat or melee weapons or using shotguns + special pistols, place mines and explode, Use special bio grenades to lure enemies to dangerous places, Electrocute them using special weapons and annihilate later and more.

20+ different kinds of weapons and even crafting.

Interesting quests and rewards + sandbox mode. You can complete quests in any order or not at all.

Play finding treasure minigame with metal detector and dig out them.

Find miniscuba and go underwater (no fire weapon is working effectively there) for more quests and awards.

Several enemy types (not only zombies) and adaptive difficulty modes. Every enemy have its own behavior and attack strategy + it depends which daytime is current.

Day time changing where you should act differently to survive.

Epic boss fight.

Original music theme.

3 game modes : Story, Arcade and shooting range + minigames.

Personally for me Arisona is not good looking VR game. Very small levels, 5-6 Zombies, huge load times, average sound design and really bad VFX.

For me top 3 really good visually and overall quality examples in VR are: Robo Recall, Unspoken and The Climb.

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I would prefer the same type of game but with more fantastical creatures, the zombies are way overused in games nowadays :slight_smile: Anyway, game looks great so I need to at least give the demo a try. Thanks for sharing.

Try to survive until second day and they will start appearing.

See official manual for all enemy types: http://www.vrzgame.com/VRZTormentFM.pdf

But you may not like them, especially ghosts… :slight_smile:

I also didn’t like Arizona Sunshine, not too much action and kind of boring in my opinion, but I personally like the level design and the interaction with the physical items in the world. This game of yours seem to have much more content to offer and Spooky just PMed me and told me to try it out. Just going over the list of features that you shared here it sounds really appealing. I am a huge FPS fan so like some other guy here, I will try out the demo via Steam and see if I enjoy it.

Oh, BTW, from the video above I’ve seen that there isn’t any option for saving your progression, is it right? I personally hate starting things all over from the beginning, having a progression option is very important unless it’s a PvP game, but even then I love having an option to progress my character. Not everyone has tons of time to play, like myself, so when I come back from the game, it’s nice to be able to play from a checkpoint of some sort. In a survival game, I can understand that this mechanics is somewhat necessary to make the game more challenging, but this is why I don’t play many survival games. Not because I don’t like them, just because I don’t have a lot of time to finish a session up, if there is a progression, maintaining it by visiting the game occasionally (like in Ark: Survival Evolved) and then starting it all from the beginning.

Generally speaking, a PvP would be so cool for this type of game. There are already some very popular games in this genre like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and H1Z1: King of the Kill and having a VR game in this genre can appeal to a wide audience among VR players.

Spooky, if you are there, I’ll talk to you later.