VR gaming lounge

I am a gamer from Vancouver. I have been gaming from my childhood. Started with Tekken 3 on ps1 and I am still gaming. Even though I am gaming currently I am not up to date with the new technologies. Recently at a conference, I had a chance to play on an Oculus rift and it was amazing. I understood that this was next thing in gaming. Being able to travel into the game’s world is pretty amazing. This actually gave an idea for a business. According to my research, there are only a few VR gaming lounges in Canada and I am planning to start one. Since I really don’t know much about VR I have a lot of doubts.
Which VR headset will be best for my purpose? Htc Vive or Oculus Rift?
Is using PlayStation VR a bad idea? (It seems to cost a lot less)
What should be the specs for the pc for the headsets? (I want them to be able to handle the best games available now and I don’t want to upgrade soon ).
Also, suggest me some good business internet service provider in Canada. I used the one in the link for my last few businesses. But I am looking for other options. Even though they have provided good speed I am not sure about ping. Is there any ISP who have special plans for gaming?.Please do reply.

By lounges you mean physical locations that people can play VR games or open an online business about virtual reality gaming?

VR hardware is expensive, right ? So I am planning a physical location where people can come and play VR games.

VR will eventually become much more affordable, and it already is. I think most people will consume VR from their mobile phones and there are already cheap VR headset from Microsoft that will appeal to budget users. It can be a good business for like 3 years or so, but I think that the price will drop significantly by then. Having said that, I agree that there will be many people that will still won’t be able to afford the hardware even at lower costs.

If you look at the VR centers out there, many of them have physical gaming hardware like playing platform (e.g. physical car that simulated the driving experience, like in the Mario VR game) that matches the experience. It’s not just giving people to seat down on a chair and play VR games. You need to have that unique hardware to attract customers. The investment in that is much higher compared to just put PCs and VR headset and charge people for playing it.

Which one is you goal?

The first one is the goal. Investing good money is not a problem as long as it can guarantee the longevity of the business.