VR for Mom (extra characters for no reason)

Mom’s (68y) recently got a Meta (I still call it Oculus) Quest 2 and I’m so thankful because that and the workout software we subscribed to has motivated her to start losing weight. And that’s got me wondering if there’s any other VR software that would capture her attention and get her up on her feet more.

Any software suggestion for Mom?


That’s great to hear that your mom has found motivation to start losing weight with her Meta Quest 2! There are a lot of VR apps and games that could potentially capture her attention and get her moving. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Beat Saber - This is a popular rhythm game where players slice through flying blocks with virtual sabers, set to music. It’s a great way to get a workout while having fun.
  2. Supernatural - This is a VR fitness app that offers guided workouts led by real trainers, set to music. It’s designed to be a fun and engaging way to get in shape.
  3. Dance Central - This is a dance game where players follow choreographed routines to popular songs. It’s a great way to get moving and have fun at the same time.
  4. BOXVR - This is a boxing-inspired fitness app that offers workouts designed to improve strength and cardio. It’s a great way to get a full-body workout.
  5. Walkabout Mini Golf - This is a VR mini-golf game that requires players to walk around and swing their arms. It’s a fun and casual way to get some exercise.

These are just a few suggestions, but there are many other VR apps and games that could be suitable for your mom depending on her interests and fitness level. It’s always a good idea to check with a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Thanks. She has Supernatural now and it gives her all the workout she’s looking for. Really dedicated to the schedule. I’ll show her all these and see what she goes for. The Dance Central for sure.