VR exclusive games - good or bad?

I think that games for Oculus Rift should be available for HTC Vive as well, and vice versa, but I’m not a developer, so I don’t know if it’s easy to port a game to another headset or if you create a Vive game it’s by default compatible with the Rift.

I’ve read many posts of angry people ranting about exclusive titles; I completely agree with them on this matter. That being said, I can understand why some developers opt for developing an exclusive title - they most probably get financial support for the headest manufacturer. For others, it’s financially more beneficial to release the game for all possible platforms instead of focusing on a particular one.

If I had the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, I’m sure I would be very upset if there was a title for another headset that I wouldn’t able to play. I’m sure that in the future there’ll be many hacks for this and people will be able to play games from the other headset, after all, they both run on PC. That will be different with PlayStation VR and Google Daydream because they are platform dependent.

What’s your opinion?

Bad in my opinion. Exclusive helps to sell more consoles, and I assume the same works for VR headsets. This makes the headset a platform, and I think that what made PC gamers so frustrated. If developers are making a PC VR game, make it available for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, if possible. Time exclusive I can understand, especially considering that some games were designed for room-scale with full support for motion controller (sometimes it is a requirement) and Oculus didn’t release its controllers yet.

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Oculus claims Exclusives are good for the industry - check this article on engadget.

Oculus VR-headset check DRM dropped - good read.

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When a good exclusive is released for my platform I don’t mind, but when it’s release on another platform that I don’t have, I get really frustrated. I guess it’s like that for most people :cry: