VR Box 2.0 Goggles your opinion

I’ve just ordered the VR Box 2.0 goggles from ebay. I wanted to know your opinion about it, is it any good?


I didn’t own one myself, but I read some reviews which mentioned that it’s a very good Google Cardboard alternative, and from what I’ve seen, it looks like one of the most popular Google cardboard alternatives on eBay. Just try it out, it’s cheap after all, and if you are not satisfying, you can order either the original cardboard (if you didn’t have already) or other ones. Share your experience once you get them, I’m interested to hear your opinion.

Check this out meanwhile…


LOL, you ordered first and than ask. Did you get it already @MasterRogue?

My friend also ordered it from eBay. When I get it I’ll share my initial impressions. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Look cheap to me, but obviously better than the base Google Cardboard.

Do you know if it has eye-to-eye adjustment if I don’t found the view comfortable?

My friend has this headset, I can ask him if it’s any good. I’ll meet him at school tomorrow and I’ll ask him.

I ordered VR Box from eBay as well. I should get them pretty soon and can give you guys some feedback if you want.

My friend said it’s a good headset, at least compared to the Google Cardboard one because it fits comfortably on your head .

I am getting the VR BOX 2 today so I can share my experience with it with you. Stay tuned.

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I’ve read the review, thanks a lot!