Vive Studios for high quality room-scale games for HTC Vive

I’ve just heard that HTC announced a new subsidiary called Vive Studios. This publisher is focused on releasing high-quality content for the HTC Vive.

Read more about it here:

I certainly agree that room-scale VR game nowadays are really shallow. Most of the games take a few minutes up to an hour to finish, they lack of content, replay value and visual quality. It’s great that HTC is putting an effort to push this VR industry forward with this announcement.

What do you guys think?

HTC is following Oculus Studios, and trying to bring its financial power to help bring higher quality content to the HTC Vive. I read the article and I agree with it completely. There are just too many “tech demo” games on Steam. Gamers really want more triple-A titles, and higher quality games. It’s understandable that without strong financial support, you can’t expect indie developers to bring games and experiences that match the expectations of hardcore gamers who invested a lot of money to buy a matching computer game and the HTC Vive headset.

Most of those who bought the HTC Vive, are the target audience that most triple-A titles are aimed for. Gamers who have no problem paying a premium price for a game, but one that is well worth it. The problem is that without support, high-quality games take a long time to develop, and with that support from Vive Studios, we’ll get to see more high-quality room-scale VR games that without those Studios, we probably won’t be get to see, at least not within a responsible time frame that gamers expect those titles to be released.