Vive, PS Move and Oculus Touch controller latency

I wanted to know if you guys know if what is the latency for the Vive, PlayStation Move and Oculuc Touch controllers? By latency I mean, the time that it takes from when you move the controller or press a button, until the data is registered and displayed on the headset’s screen?

I know that in some games, this lag can really make some games really hard to play, especially those who demand great accuracy. I tried to Google it but couldn’t find anything specific.

Great question. From what I’ve found so far:

PS Move: 22 ms latency

Vive Hand Controller: ~50 ms latency (see video below)

Razer Hydra and Leap Motion: between 100-150 milliseconds latency (based on testing)

Oculus Touch: ~33 milliseconds lag time

Except the Sony, all the others are based on tests and estimations. I did a quick search for you, but I need to spend more time to se eif I can find something more accurate and better, official.

I’ll update this topic when I found more information, make sure you are listening to this topic so you can get updates as soon as I update this.

Maybe other forum members will help us with this.

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Thanks a lot, but I don’t understand why there isn’t any official information on their website.

Weird, I’ve heard that the Move response time is not good, doesn’t add up.

Any new information, something official?