Vive Flow event Schedule, Price, Hand-tracking

Today I downloaded the Oculus Quest app called ‘Engage’ to participate in the Vive Flow reveal, which is scheduled for October 14, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. PDT/3:00 p.m. GMT.

This means that I can watch the event in VR, which should be something special I think. You can download engage not just for VR devices, but for Desktop or Smartphones here.

The images of the product, the Vive Flow VR headset have already been leaked online by Evan Blass on Twitter.

It’s of course very likely that this is the VR headset that will be revealed tomorrow by HTC.

We don’t see any controllers ait seems like that your mobile phone will be your controller for the basic interactions and for most, you’ll use your hands using advanced hand-tracking.

It’s also seems that the Vive Flow won’t be a product that intends to compete against the Oculus Quest 2.

In one of the Vive Flow leaked images it says:

Immersive glasses made for well-being & mindful productivity

First of all, you can see that the new Vive Flow is indeed like glasses, not similar to the current VR headset. It sits on your head like regular glasses.

Seeing all the apps listed on the Vive Flow leaked images, these VR glasses probably won’t work with many of the apps and I think developers will need to target these glasses for AR/VR (AR passthrough) experiences.

There is actually a big market for these types of well-being experiences, and those who are into it will have no problem investing in it. I personally wouldn’t mind having a person Yoga teacher with me with these glasses, or a personal trainer at home. Maybe remote ZOOM-like teaching using AR passthrough like cooking lesson for a group of people in a cool mixed reality experience.

I think we’ll see many of these “personal trainer” applications for this.

This is why we can expect a phenomenal hand-tracking feature with these glasses, and I think the front cameras are there to do just that. When you do those exercises, they should be done without control, to have the best immersion and realistic experience. This is why I believe we’ll get to see one of the more advanced hand-tracking on the market embedded in these VR glasses.

As for the price, the images show a price of $499 with pre-order starting on October 15th at website and shipments starts early November.

If you pre-order you get 7 free VR contents, 2-months of infinity Vista and Free carrying case.

More information, visit this website: