VisusVR - affordable high-quality PC VR solution

VisusVR is a really unique headset in that way that you used your phone as an actual wirelss HD display (it’s not dependent on its tracking capabilities), the headset uses ta dedicated wireless head-tracking system, there is also an onboard 2000 mAh battery pack, so it doesn’t rely on the phone’s battery, and it utilizes the power of the PC.

The great thing about this headset is that developers don’t need to tailor there games towards this unique headset. The company have developed a unique software that puts two cameras inside the camera that produce the stereoscopic view, and therefore it work in current games.

Obviously this headset has several obvious advantages:

  • It utilizes the PC power so you enjoy great visual fidelity
  • No need for developing games tailored to this specific headset (VR works automagically*)
  • It uses the scree of your phone (reduces costs)
  • It’s very affordable, only $99
  • Ut comes with its own battery which provides high battery life and allows you to play longer
  • ~27ms latency on wireless connection between your PC and the smartphone (uses 2.4GHz USB dongle) - WiFi game-streaming through the phone
  • It’s completely wireless
  • It can emulate mouse movement very accurately, but you still use the mouse for aoming and durection
  • 1000hz 9-axis IMU with head tracking motion sensors
  • Anti-fog system

This is indeed a revolutionary headset. It helps bring high-quality VR in a very affordable price. The company uses TriDef 3D conversion software that can convert PC Games to Stereoscopic 3D. Here is the list of games that are checked and found supported.

You also need to install the free Moonlight App for either Android or iOS that implements Nvidiai GTX’s GameStream WiFi Streaming and actually converts your phone to a wireless V-synced display for your PC.

An important update:

According to a a latest post from June 28, 2016, Visus VR mentioned that stop using Moonlight streaming solution so they can offers solution for AMD PC owners as well. They are refunding all orders and giving 25 percent discount for new orders for those who order the product in the near future (source).

The official website:

It’s interesting to see where the company is going with its technology in the near future, but it certainly shows a high potential.

I don’t think they are selling the old one anymore, but for some reason their website shows a buy now button, altough when you click on it, it say Sold Out.