VINDICTA Teaser - HTC Vive game for SteamVR - April 2017

Really excited to share with you the teaser of our upcoming HTC Vive game called VINDICTA - set for launch in EA in April 2017. Looking forward to your feedback and questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lara, I’ll be looking into is and will add it to our index shortly.

Hi Lara, is it a waved-based stationary shooter or more like Doom?

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Hi! it is not a wave shooter kind of game. You actually walk around inside the game map, looking for weapons, shooting robot enemies, ducking to avoid laser beams, etc…

Thanks for clarifying that, I prefer a that over a stationary one :slight_smile:

Well played, now I want to know more about it.

Definitely not a wave shooter! Think about it as a stealth meet adventure/puzzle. Lot of walking, climbing, and cool action stuff!