Video Review VR Box 2.0 headset 2017

Thanks for sharing your review. I have this headset, nice and comfortable.

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You are welcome. I think that this is good headset.

After PSVR Gear/Google VR just looks like a half-measure and something that will continue to make VR look like a novelty experience and interface.

The one thing the phones have that I’m interested to know more about is the VR video options. Currently, VR video in my opinion is quite poor because of the inherently high resolution needed coupled with compression needed to stream it efficiently to the device.

Does Google have any VR video services that allow for uncompressed versions of video to be downloaded locally? Games are going to become the domain of console VR for the most part but I could see video as a good option on mobile if current issues can be solved for.

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This product is WAY better with Android. As usual apple IOS proves to have poor compatibility. It works great with Android the Controller has 4 modes and allows full use in game or menu.

Thanks for sharing! Useful Reviews.