Use Overwatch weapons with HTC Vive in VR

O, it’s not exactly Overwatch in VR, but in this demo you can experiment with different Overwatch weapons using your HTC Vive. Teleport is also supported using the touchpad on the Vive controllers. Try Tracer, McCree and D.Va weapons in virtual reality, so cool.

update: just added a gameplay video, check it out!

Overwatch in VR could have been amazing, just imaging how it feels when you hook someone with Roadhog

Cool idea for Overwatch fans, but no real substance to be honest.

This guy Hoopermation VR played Overwatch on the Oculus Rift, he seems to enjoy it quite a bit

But obviously he played it without the Touch controllers that are pending release.

I have problem with the competitive mode in Overwatch. I play alone, and it’s just impossible to pass rank 55 with it, anyone want to play together?

LOL, I also struggle ranking up, PM me, I am playing in about an hour from now.

You know, got bored playing game and stopped playing all together. The game is so punishing at levels 2500 and below, unless you are playing with at least 4 friends that you can communicate with.