Urban Zombie VR

Urban Zombie VR
Enjoy the advancing hordes of zombies, graphics that have been carefully crafted for the best and most accurate Cardboard VR experience. As in the real world, there is no artificial sight, information about the amount of ammunition, zombie location and other facilities to spoil the real VR experience.

The game has three aiming modes:

  • Simple
  • First sight (fire + aim key)
  • Second sight (aim key)


  • Sprint key
  • Reloading the weapon

In future updates, it is planned to add more types of zombies, new types of weapons, exploding elements on the map, other maps to choose, menu settings like brightness, graphics quality, the ability to set your own buttons on the gamepad and increase too the quality gameplay, FPS boost.


  • Cardboard (ex. BOBOVR Z5),
  • Gamepad (ex. MOCUTE-050),
  • Phone (Minimum: RAM 4 GB, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 2.45 GHz, CPU cores: 8)


Link: Urban Zombie VR


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