Unreal Tournament like FPS VR Game for Oculus Rift

Today I got to play a demo of a new release FPS game called Grappling Tournament. IT’s a VR game for Oculus Ruft (playable on Oculus Quest via Link cable). Devs plan to bring a native Quest version as well in the near future.

Basically, this game is similar to Quake and Unreal Tournament but with a nice twist of a grappling hook. This allows you to move around the arena like a Spider-Man.

Similar to Unreal Tournament, here also you need to roam around, picking up different weapons, armor, health packs, etc.

The game was designed from the ground UP for VR and you can really feel it. I mean, it’s optimized so well for VR and has many settings to control the locomotion (movement). You can change grappling for the right/left hand, change the rotation from smooth to sharp, control the angle of rotation, and much more.

I played Grappling Tournament on the Oculus Quest 2 via the VR Link cable. For some reason, I did encounter some frame drops, but lowering the graphics settings solved it.

I already played a similar FPS VR game like this but it was still in early access via SideQuest and felt far from being as complete as this one.

Keep in mind that in order to enjoy online multiplayer mode you’ll need to buy the game. The demo only offers a single-player experience versus bots.

There is also just one map in the demo and I really want to play the Japanese style one :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, the overall impressions are very positive. I hope that the devs release it to the Quest to increase the player-base, which is super important for multiplayer games, regardless of whether they are in VR or not.

The demo showcases a cool tutorial, a shooting range that will get you a nice look at the different game features.

Overall, highly recommended.