Tvori a 3D VR creation platform - makes 3D animations easy

I just came across tvori, a real-time virtual reality animation platform that was designed to help people create 3D scenes and animate them without the need to master complex modeling and animation software.

Players can build a scene by just dragging objects from drawers and put them in the scene, manipulate them (i.e. rotate, scale, etc.) and then create keyframe animation using their hands to move the objects using the HTC Vive controls between keyframes. Everything was made to be intuitive as possible.

There is a draggable timeline at the bottom which you can control, again, using your hand with the HTC Vive controller. Moving objects from the scene is done by just grabbing it and putting it outside the area of the scene. You can even control the light like in a regular 3D software by just grabbing it and dragging it to the desired location in order to create the desired effect. In 3D software, you see a light bulb that or an icon that signifies the light source, in Tvori you see a sun drawing that you can drag with your hands and position it wherever you want - it just can’t get easier than that. You can even attack an object onto the camera, and when you move the camera to record a scene, the object moves with it.

Players can also draw in 3D like TiltBrush, use a virtual camera to record videos and play them back on a virtual screen inside the scene and much more. There are lots of features and endless capabilities. It feels like you are inside a carpentry shop, but instead of carving on wood, you use advanced tool to crave your ideas inside a 3D scene in virtual reality.

If you think that TiltBrush was impressive, I’m sure you are going to be amazed by the things you can create with this simple yet very feature rich 3D VR animation platform.

According to an article on, the platform is expected to be released in beta on August 25, 2016.

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I played it a today, it’s so much fun, but has a potential to be even more amazing and I think that the price is a bit too high.

I agree, but nevertheless, if you enjoy it it’s worth it.