Trinitaria VR - A Tower Defense Game For Cardboard

Hi Everyone, I just published my first VR game on Google Cardboard. Trinitaria VR is a tower defense game where enemy can spawn randomly at specific location, player also can upgrade his skill and shoot enemies.
you can download it here:

Thank you

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Thanks Dxsigh, I’ll download it and check it out. Thanks and good luck with your new game.

thank you, your feedback is always welcome.

excellent game! love it

Hello. I just found this site recently.

I played a little bit of your game. Seems good so far.
I’d like to suggest something that will improve it.
I notice that the screen slowly rotates so I have to keep turning to keep the words in front of me while I read it. I can’t remember if it did this while I was actually playing (I’m thinking it probably did, but I had been standing up so I could turn with it).
Could you make it so that it doesn’t turn like that? I played another game that did that to, but I played games that don’t, so it should be do’able. Also maybe a recenter button so that I can make it be in front of me no matter what directing I’m facing? That’d be great and make it so that I can just sit without having to constantly turn. That’ll make it more enjoyable for me at least and maybe others.
Btw… I’ glad you came out with it, as I do like Tower defence games, and it gives more variety to Cardboard.

I hope people like you plan on doing more cardboard games, even though Daydream is coming out, as this is a lot cheaper alternative for people who don’ have or can’ afford Daydream right now.
Thanks. :blush:

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