TPCAST tether-less VR for HTC Vive is already available

You know, I’ve seen a lecture about the future of VR by Michael Abrash at the Oculus Connect 3. There he says that there isn’t any technology that allows fast wireless bandwidth data transfer between the computer and the headset but then I hear about the TPCAST accessory kit that allows tether-less VR and it was officially announced by HTC, although it is developed by TPCAST. So is it that just an Oculus Engineer is not aware of this technology or just HTC just caught up on this technology first?

This is the keynote speach

The wireless device working:

And there suppose to be no noticeable difference in the performance.

That’s crazy… all these technologies. All the current headsets just look old compared to all the VR technologies out there. The should have released like 5 headset each year and still they wouldn’t able to catch up, the VR technology is progressing so fast!

Does it work well, I mean, no lags at all?