TOP 5 PSVR games of 2016?

Well heres mine…

Do you agree?

VR Boy


What about Werewolves Within? To be honest, this was one of my favorite games. I wish there were move social VR games for PSVR, it’s just an incredible experience.

An excellent video, but just a small tip, the voice just mixed up with the background music. You can lower the background music as you speak and make it gradually louder as you stop talking or just make the music less loud. Other than that, excellent video - subscribed!

thank u very much for your feedback. It was something I experimented with so its great to get feedback for next time :slight_smile:

Ive not played Werewolves within but heard good things about :slight_smile:

Play this game, it’s amazing, so much fun to play with other people social game.

Werewolved Within is a superb game, played it yesterday at a friend’s house.

I played werewolves within online with a friend the other day and I totally didnt get it. Not sure ill be playing it again :confused:

There are plenty of videos on YouTube where you can see how it is played and there is a tutorial if I am not wrong.

Here you go…

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