Tokyo Game Show VR 2021 Virtual Exhibition Was a Blast!

Today I attended a virtual gaming exhibition of Tokyo Game Show VR 2021 (TGSVR 2021). It was one of the most amazing VR experiences that I had this year because it took me out of my room to a huge gaming event.

Especially now during covid-19 will all the restrictions, let alone in Japan—which is very restrictive when it comes to the pandemic.

The Tokyo Game Show VR 2021 powered by xambr™ shows that the future of exhibitions is in Virtual Reality. It’s all digital, so there are no limitations on what you can do.

How to Download Tokyo Game Show VR 2021 App?

The event took place between September 30th to October 3rd, 2021. To experience it, I had to download the Tokyo Game Show VR 2021 app via the Oculus Store.

The app is free and downloadable via AppLab.

How was the Virtual Exhibition?

Fantastic to say the least. So many games to discover, and even some collectibles to collect by interacting with all the different objects in the virtual venues, like watching videos, opening chests, interacting with images, etc.

According to the official page, the TGS2021 VR exhibition features 20 exhibitors spaces, 2 official stores, 3 special video contents, and a theater where you can watch the official TGS2021 ONLINE program on a large screen.

You can interact with other online attendees, either by voice or text chat.

I was able to even take some selfies with some cute anime girls at one of the booths!

Image credit: TOKYO GAME SHOW Studios

I danced watching amazing music with super kawaii anime girls. Although I was alone in the VR theater, it was an amazing experience.

I actually woke up today in a bitter mood, but this even put a huge smile on my face. This is why I love gaming, it’s not just the games, it’s all the amazing shows around them. It brings the community of gamers together.

I found out so much information about amazing upcoming Japanese games that I never heard about. This TGS2021 VR app for Oculus Quest 2 really helped me discover more about Japanese games.

I highly recommend you checking it out!

Thanks for reading.

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That looks absolutely amazing. I’ll give it a try tonight. Is it always available or only at the dates the exhibition takes place?