Titans Clinic: A Hilariously Whimsical Dentist Simulation Game in VR

Are you a fan of simulation games that are as entertaining as they are ridiculous? Then Titans Clinic is a must-try game for you! Developed for Meta Quest 2, Titans Clinic is a VR game that lets you take on the role of a dentist for virtual patients. But this isn’t your typical dental game! You’ll be using tools like the Pixaxe and Vacuum Cleaner to add decorations, change teeth, clean them, and even take care of caries.

If you’re a fan of games like Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, and Master of the Tattooverse, then you’ll love Titans Clinic. It’s full of hilarious moments and silly situations that will keep you laughing for hours.

One thing that could make Titans Clinic even better is if the virtual patients had more prominent facial expressions and vocal reactions to your actions. Currently, the lack of these reactions takes away from the game’s comedic value. Seeing your patients squirm and react to your dental work would only add to the hilarity of the game.

Despite this minor issue, Titans Clinic is a fantastic game that the whole family can enjoy. The developer’s decision to keep the game family-friendly by avoiding graphic content like blood is appreciated. Plus, the larger size of the virtual humans is a clever idea that adds to the game’s charm. The overall visual design is both vibrant and beautiful, making it comfortable to play in VR for extended periods.

Overall, Titans Clinic is an exciting and entertaining VR game that you shouldn’t miss. So put on your Meta Quest 2 headset and get ready to laugh your way through the wacky world of virtual dentistry!