Tips How to get ready to play No Man's Sky?

No Man’s Sky is coming very soon and because I am going to play it myself, I wanted to make a list of things that you can do to make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

  1. Play in a place and time that no one can disturb you - you are on a journey, and in order to fell fully immersed with the game, you should play in a place where nobody can interfere with your fantasy adventure.

  2. Get a large screen and a good headset - it’s true to many games, not just NMS. In order to fully enjoy playing No Man’s Sky and because NMS is not yet available for VR, you should make sure you have a large screen to fully enjoy every detail on any planet that you land on and so it feels more real. The sound is a very important part of the game and make everything comes to life right in front of your eyes, so make sure that you get a good headset, which also blocks sounds from the outside world and then you can be fully immersed in it, without any interferences.

  3. Do some walking and get a good comfortable chair - seating near a computer for many hours isn’t healthy, make sure you go for a half our walk before you seat down spending hours playing the game. Get a good chair that you feel comfortable, you are going to spend a lot of time playing the game.

  4. If you have important things to do before playing No Man’s Sky, make sure you do them before you start playing, so you have full focus on the game without needing to stop in between, make the experience as fluid as possible.

  5. Make sure you have something that you enjoy eating and drinking. I personally will cut some fruits and have a caramel popcorn and an Orange juice bottle always waiting for me before I start playing.

  6. Visit No Man’s Sky news website, see what tips people can give you before you start playing. They might give you some useful tips that can help you in your adventure.

  7. If you place on a PC, make sure you update your graphics drivers to the latest version if you haven’t done so, to make sure that that whole experience would be as smooth as possible.

  8. Make sure you have a notepad or a pen and paper accessible, so if you need to write something important to remember while playing the game, you can do so. It’s also helpful to write stuff if you intend to share information with other people online or you have questions that you want to get answers to.

  9. You can also start up a blog, you can open a free blog on Wordpress and share your experiences, screenshots and tips over there.

  10. Play in a dark room because it will make you better immerse yourself with the game. If you are used to playing in a lit room, just give it a shot, I can assure you that colors in No Man’s Sky will look better in a dark room, and as you know, No Man’s Sky feature very vivid worlds, and you want to enjoy those worlds to its fullest.

  11. Don’t tell everyone that you have bought the game, some friends will probably come to when the game is released and interfere with your experience. This is especially important when you first launch the game, make sure it is only you and No Man’s Sky, nothing in between.

These are my tips are to get ready to play NMS. If you have more tips, please don’t be shy and share them here :slight_smile: