Thumper is PlayStation VR launch title

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so thrilled about Thumper. It one of those games that might convince me to buy the PlayStation VR headset in October.

It has everything going for it, mind blowing visuals, superb music track, great fast-paced rhythm-based gameplay mechanics and the best of all, it’s for VR. Just look at how smooth and vivid the rail looks and how fluid the game plays, I can’t recall any rail game that has such a unique graphics, amazing!

Just take a look at the trailer, can it get any better than this for a rail shooter.

In this game, you play a space beetle and you need to anticipate the move and press certain keys at a specific place and at specific intervals on the rail. According to the developer, the difficulty increases as you progress through the game. This game also looks completely different from anything I’ve seen. I’ve read that the game uses a proprietary game engine, and it took the company five years to polish it and make it look like you see it today.

If I eventually get the PlayStation VR, this is a day one buy for me.

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The game will be available on October 17 when the PSVR headset is released, for $19.99 according to the PlayStation blog. Those who played it really liked it, but I think $20 for 9 levels is quite expensive, to be honest, but this game looks quite unique and very creative. I think that it’s a good title for people who just bought the PlayStation VR headset and searching for HQ game to play.

Agreed, day 1 for me. I always look to play different games and Thumper really looks like THE game to play on the PlayStation VR when it comes out. I am going to buy the PlayStation VR, so II was very excited to hear that this game is going to be released on day one.

Thumper has received tons of coverage from the media since it was first announced in November 2013. From what I’ve heard, Brian Gibson and Marc Flury have been working on this project for five years. Both of them come with plenty of experience in the music/rhythm game industry.

I always enjoy watching talented and creative people making their own game instead of taking a small part of a company and making others make their game, and watching how Thumper turns out to be, it seems that the journey was well worth it.

I just want to add this video that was uploaded to Polygon YouTube channel showing a guy playing Thumper with the PlayStation VR headset.

One of the most impressive games I’ve seen for PlayStation VR, a must-have game for any PSVR owners in my opinion.

I don’t know, I mean the game looks really nice, but I am not sure about the gameplay, look kind of boring if you ask me.

ScholarVR, what VR headset do you play with?

Crazy game, I think is one of the PSVR gems.

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Agree, looks really unique and I love fast-paced rail games.