The Thrill of the Fight - a great room-scale boxing game for HTC Vive

The Thrill of the Fight is a room-scale boxing VR game for HTC Vive developed by Ian Fits. The game is currently available in Early Access via Steam but it really looks very promising.

What really caught my attention was the fluid character animation, which looks really authentic. According to the developer of the game, the game wasn’t designed as an authentic boxing simulator, but it looks very authentic to me. Those who played the game mentioned that the physics aren’t there, but hey, it’s in early development, so give the developer some time :slight_smile:

Anyways, the game as a great potential and I hope it will leave to its promise. What do you think about it?


Is there any way to download it for free to try it out?

This was supposed to be the first release title for thc HTC Vive, but I’m happy that at least this game is coming. Looks really good, but I’ve read that the game is still in early development. So we’ll need to wait a bit until it’s finished, but this also means it’s going to be much better than it is now.

Yes, I’ve just updated out preview with a link. You can download The Thrill of the Fight free demo via this link.

I love this game. One of my favourites. The first time I played it, my body ached for 2 days just by playing 2 bout of fights.

I also like how the developer has been updating regularly to improve the physics and add new fights with a variety of attackers.

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I agree, a really well made game, and even at its current early release state is very impressive. I love the new improved movement system of the AI, and he fixes some bugs and exploits - I’m really looking forward for the full release. The game becomes better and better in each update, kudos to the developer.

When is it coming out? any estimated release date?