The pandemic accelerated AR/VR investment & development fast forward

The pandemic with all the horrific outcomes that it brought to us, also brought some benefits, by helping push the AR/VR industry forward.

The need for remote solutions has been realized even more significantly by many industries that now rely on remote education and remote working. Zoom has become insanely popular because of that, but it does have its limitations.

The need for more advanced solutions is immediate and many companies are working hard to provide AR/VR solutions to the enterprise, not in the far future, but right here right now when it’s needed the most.

When there is a need, more investment will come and this means, that at least for the enterprise, these solutions will become available very fast.

This is why we see Magic Leap 2 and Vive Flow being introduced and many AR/VR apps that are being developed as the growth of remote guidance becomes essential for markets to work in an efficient way. Otherwise, the result is lower production and loss of revenue.

The entire gaming industry also enjoys that, as more people stay at home and gaming becomes part of entertainment to forget about what’s going on outside and have the ability to communicate with others.

Even if this pandemic will be over tomorrow, the need for the future for remote education and solutions for enterprise businesses becomes even more important, even in case something like that will happen again or for how long we’ll need to deal with this pandemic. Companies want to make sure they will have the tools to offer a solution. Many companies will adopt these solutions right now.

Although we are going to see many new advanced technologies being introduced to enterprise products, these will eventually will arrive in consumer products.

So we gamers will eventually enjoy the fruits of this expedited development. I think even Apple knows that potential and probably pushing even more effort to bring its products to the market.

As an enthusiast gamer, I think that we are going to see new AR/VR headsets being introduced faster and with better technologies than we expected as the competition would be more intense in the field.

We saw this in the software (gaming) industry. Hardware takes more time but we can expect better and faster results in the hardware market as well.